ACE Members

For students enthusiastic in MAKING a greener INDIA

Agents of Change for Environment (ACE) is a student membership program by GRIHA Council to bring along the future generations of architects and engineers together and provide an interactive platform for disseminating knowledge around GRIHA way of greening INDIA. ACE members become the torch bearers to fight for their and coming generations future.

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S.No. Registration Number Name Designation Organisation Location
1 GRIHAMP_300520166244 Rahul jadon student IITR Delhi
2 GRIHAMP_300520166215 Soham Deshmukh Student Academy of Architecture, Mumbai Pune
3 GRIHAMP_280520166170 Niharika arora student student delhi
4 GRIHAMP_280520166168 Sanjana jain architect Central Public Works Department delhi
5 GRIHAMP_280520166155 Ankit Rathi Architect ART Architect Ghaziabad
6 GRIHAMP_2502201713413 Amit Mishra Student RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University Uttar Pradesh
7 GRIHATP_270520166127 Priyanka .... Student None New Delhi
8 GRIHATP_270520166116 Noor Zaidi Student TERI University New Delhi
9 GRIHATP_270520166104 SASHWAT GHAI student amity university panchkula
11 GRIHAMP_050620166398 NIKHIL PALIWAL Student College Meerut
12 GRIHAMP_040620166386 Kaushal Desai Student - Valsad
13 GRIHAMP_030620166373 sumit kumar STUDENT CONSTRUCTION ghaziabad
14 GRIHAMP_060620166426 Shobhit Agarwal student Somany Studio,S undaram Home Plaza,Opp.Mandi Samit... Pilibhit
15 GRIHAMP_240620166946 Arun Gupta ARCHITECT AGA New Delhi
16 GRIHAMP_010720167922 Ashwini Dharmarajan Student N.A Mumbai
17 GRIHAMP_300620167118 Arnab Gogoi Architect IIT Madras Chennai
18 GRIHAMP_070720168082 Ashita Batra Student N.A New Delhi
19 GRIHAMP_060720168062 vijender singh student none new delhi
20 GRIHAMP_130720168151 Debotosh Maitra Student Student Bhubaneswar