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                                             safety.The norms of having spaces   dynamics should not be mistaken

                                             for sanitization at entry point(s),   for its temporariness, rather be
                                             adaptability of spaces to be turned   taken to “reassess”, “redefine”, and
                                             into sections of isolation, adequate   “reanalyse” the spatial autonomies of
                                             provision of open spaces, maximum   homes in order to be future-ready in a
                                             light, and ventilation could be   way that these spaces become places
                                             considered for exploration. But the   to “unwind”, “relax”, and “recharge”.
                                             conversation must start with the
                                             mapping of experiences of those   References
                                             who faced inconveniences and   Oxford Leaners’ Dictionaries.
                                             deprivation in their homes during   Details available at https://www.
                                             lockdown (LePan 2020). Some
                                             pertinent questions to ponder on and
                                             resolve through design are as under:   Düzen, M. G. Y. and N. Ekrem. 2021.
                                                                            Altered Meanings of Home Before and
                                                ƒ How has the COVID-19 altered   During COVID-19 Pandemic. In Human
                                               the meaning of a home and its   Arenas
                                               purpose?                     Zevi, Bruno. 1957. Architecture as Space.
                                                ƒ How can the design of a home   New York: Horizon Press Jyoti, D. 2021.
                                               resonate with the experiences and   Covid-19 changed the meaning of home,
                                               new expectations of users?   exposed social chasm. In Hindustan
                                                                            Times. Details available at https://www.
                                                ƒ How can spatial configurations of
                                               a home help in the healing process?  changed-the-meaning-of-home-exposed-
                                             The approach of including users
                                             and the community as a whole in   Wood, S. 2021. Architecture students
             fresh air to cure people suffering   the design process can also help   reimagine vacant shops in Canterbury
                                                                            city centre. Details available at https://
             from tuberculosis, lost continuity in   achieve the global Sustainable
             the later architectural expressions.   Development Goals (SDGs), in which   architecture-students-reimagine-vacant-
             Similarly, villages of Saranac Lake,   SDG 11 emphasizes to “Make cities   shops-in-canterbury-city-centre
             New York had “cure cottages”    and human settlements inclusive,   LePan, N. 2020. A visual history of
             designed as flexible spaces to be   safe, resilient, and sustainable”.   pandemics. In World Economic Forum.
             transformed into isolation facilities   The journey towards inclusivity,   Details available at https://www.weforum.
             when required (Philcox 2020).   safety, resilience, and sustainability   org/agenda/2020/03/a-visual-history-of-
                                             must commence from homes, where   pandemics
             The COVID-19 pandemic has once   experiences and expectations
             again compelled architects to put   of users can give succour and   Yuko, E. 2020. How previous epidemics
                                                                            impacted home design. Details available
             on their thinking caps and evaluate   ameliorations for accomplishment   at
             spaces which were thought to be   of the previously discussed goals.   story/subway-tile-design-in-epidemics
             appropriate so far. It is time to   Newer possibilities in designs can
             reconstruct the spatial autonomy of   pave the way for a future where a   Philcox, T. 2020. Corbusier on my mind:
             a home in a post-COVID era. Spatial   home would be conceptualized as the   Design thinking and post-Covid living.
                                                                            Details available at
             designs must be multifunctional for   lifeline of a family apart from being
             multiple users and have abilities to   an extension of the infrastructure in   mind-design-thinking-and-post-covid-
             perform as an office, a school, a gym,   the larger perspective. The notion of a   living/
             an entertainment area, a meditation   “home” needs to be taken from being
             area, a quarantine facility, and much   “responsible for accommodating
             more depending upon user-specific   users” to “response-able”, i.e.,
             needs, but without compromising   having an ability to adapt to change
             on the physical and mental health   of any kind. This phase of evolving
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