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                                                                            Mili J ain
                                                                            Mili Jain is an architect and
                                                                            building energy professional
                                                                            with expertise in LCA and
                                                                            carbon footprint. She has
                                                                            worked on the quantification
                                                                            of the cradle-to-cradle carbon
                                                                            footprint of existing buildings
                                                                            to be able to formulate carbon
                                                                            offset plans. Trained at SPA
                                                                            Delhi and CEPT University, she
                                                                            founded Monk Spaces with
                                                                            the belief that both people
                                                                            and buildings can benefit
                                                                            from a little more mindfulness.
                                                                            She can be reached at

                 Moving Beyond                                                 n 2019, India emitted more

                                                                               than 2300 Mt of CO  and our
                Net Zero Energy                                             Icountry’s rate of emissions per
                                                                            capita continues to grow despite
                                                                            the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
                                                                            (IEA 2020). USA and China have
                A Life Cycle Approach                                       avowed net zero carbon emissions
                                                                            by 2050 and 2060, respectively. As
                for Decarbonization                                         the third highest emitter of negative
                                                                            CO , India’s plans on climate action
                                                                            need to be urgently assessed. It is
                                                                            commonly known that building
                Mindfulness is the need of the hour in the construction industry.   operations account for almost 30%
                Considering India’s current energy mix and rate of emissions,   of global carbon emissions. It is a
                Mili Jain in this stimulating piece foregrounds the urgent need
                M i li J ain                                                lesser known fact that another 10% is
                to concentrate on life cycle analysis and carbon quantification to   generated from construction-related
                simplify the road to net zero carbon.                       industries (UNEP 2020).
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