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Historically, sustainability has been a way of living. With the intent of progressing and developing the world, extensive use of resources took place and newer interventions were made to enhance the rate at which the advancement was happening. The effects of climate change became apparent soon thereafter in terms of rising temperatures and frequent incidences of natural calamities. Climate change discussions began way back in 1979 when the First World Climate Conference was conducted in Geneva and was sponsored by WMO and soon it became a global agenda and several national and international conferences were conducted to tackle the ever-increasing effects of climate change. As a result of all the environmental mayhem, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) were set and came into effect in January 2016.

To align with the global agenda and moving towards sustainability, several industries have been self declaring to be sustainable by adopting greener practices. Sustainability was initially demonstrated as an environmental concept but over the years it has undergone a massive paradigm shift. It has been fully integrated into the way we think and plan our economic goals. In order to address the challenges faced by humanity, it is imperative to strike a balance between social development, sustained economic growth, sustainable management of natural resources and cultural variations. By focusing only on the economic growth and neglecting the other aspects would lead to short term growth but would eventually have irreversible consequences.

Keeping this in mind the integrated approach for sustainability becomes extremely important. The sustainability goals can thus be met by enhancing resource efficiencies and minimal waste generation without impacting the environment. Additionally, the intent is also to work symbiotically and ensure that the waste generated in one process becomes a resource for the other process thus creating a closed loop. To cater to the current issues of sustainability and to integrate the best practices adopted worldwide,GRIHA Council in association with the UNSW, Australia is hosting its flagship event, the 11th GRIHA Summit from December 17-18, 2019 with the theme “Approach to Integrated Sustainability”. The Summit shall serve as a platform to deliberate innovative technologies and solutions which shall help in creating robust mechanism for developing sustainable solutions for the benefit of the entire community.

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The 11th Annual GRIHA Summit with a theme of 'Sustainable is Affordable' will be held on the 17th - 18th of December, 2019 at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. It is an invaluable opportunity for professionals across the nation and around the world to deliberate on the equation between sustainability and affordability.

This is truly a 'must-attend' event for both students and professionals - who are engaged in sustainable development The summit will be an intensive event including thought provoking, stimulating discussions amongst the brightest minds in the building industry; showcasing the latest in the field of green buildings and providing a platform for knowledge sharing.

GRIHA Summit will bring together experts from industry, finance policy and consumers to develop and drive new initiatives; provide insights, and showcase sustainable products and green business opportunities. It will also facilitate sharing of international best practices from all across the world to elicit practical applications that are most relevant in the Indian context.

The conference will provide a dynamic environment for collaboration among industry decision makers, who are working in sustainable development.

  • Branding and Logo: Benefits may include branding and logo recognition on-
    • Event signage
    • Programme support collateral including official programmes, invitations, run sheets, brochures and flyers.
    • Showcase on The GRIHA Summit website and in the Summit e-newsletters.
  • Marketing: As a partner you may benefit from -
    • Inclusion in advertising campaigns; across print, social, radio and television.
    • Advertising in The GRIHA Summit’s sessions, e-newsletters and website.
  • Event Activation: We work with brands to tailor activation which is meaningful to The GRIHA Summit whilst meeting a brand’s objectives. Event activation opportunities may include-
    • Clear product and brand placement at the event
    • Dedicated activation spaces
    • Product sampling
    • Accessing the industry to build unique interaction or experiences with clientele, media or product.
  • Networking:

    The summit hosts professionals from all sectors of the construction industry and acts as a platform for networking, and interactions.

If you have a sustainable brand, product or service; your presence as a sponsor at The 11th GRIHA Summit, sends out the right signals to our various marketing initiatives, including customer touch points, CSR, and branding. It also demonstrates clear commitment towards a clean, green, and sustainable planet.

  • Real Estate developers and owners
  • Architects,
  • Landscape architects
  • Urban Designers
  • Town Planners
  • Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineers
  • HVAC Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Construction materials and equipment companies
  • Project Managers
  • Green Building Consultants
  • Private Organizations
  • Educational Institutes
  • Renewable energy associations
  • Low carbon technology companies
  • Energy majors/analysts
  • Investment bankers
  • Specialist and financial consultants
  • Energy company strategists
  • Government and regulatory bodies
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Urban local bodies
  • Energy technology innovators
  • Students

The 11th GRIHA Summit is an ideal event to showcase your business to the leading minds in government, the industry and education. GRIHA Council works with partners to integrate their products/services/skills into the conference, ideally in a way that augments the delegates’ experience and advances each sponsor’s goals. GRIHA Council can deliver on a wide variety of goals- thought leadership, generating borrowed interest via media (print, online, social), introduction to individual delegates, product demo or showcase, branding, etc.

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