Alternative Cooling Technology

With the rise in temperatures and extreme heat waves occurring all over the world, cooling energy demand is on an all time high. Cooling energy is a major contributor to GHG as they contribute to emissions of both carbon as well as ozone depleting freons. Moreover, the cost of existing cooling systems are non-affordable to a large chunk of the population. It's time to review alternative technologies as a way forward. India Cooling Action Plan was released in 2019 as a roadmap to sustainable cooling solutions for India and focuses on energy efficient cooling solutions across different sectors including buildings. One of the prime concerns is to bring thermal comfort and meet cooling demand in affordable housing groups. There are several advanced technologies, operational in the western world, to combat these problems. But reproducing these solutions to Indian context requires in-breed tweaking to customize to our needs. This session discusses the future of India in incorporating innovative cooling technologies and our prospects on cooling energy savings.