Uniting for the Planet

The serious impacts of climate change are being witnessed globally and an urgent action is required to combat this critical issue.

These changes are happening much faster than the time required for adaptation of both wildlife and people. Climate change, as we see, is not an enemy from outside but is a consequence of our actions.

The deliberations and research done as a part of intellectual concern arrive at a conclusion that we are the last generation that can stop the catastrophic climate change.Therefore, it is of utmost importance to dwell upon our actions for development and understand where we stand today with our knowledge and technological advancements in the fight against climate change.

The session aims at understanding our achievements so far in the context of climate change and the challenges in front of us.This opening technical session shall set a platform for the deliberations ahead in this summit that aim to create a roadmap for ‘Net Zero Habitats’ for India as a developing nation.