Waste Stewardship

Tonnes of wastes are produced every day in our cities. Disposal does not remain an option as most of our landfills are overfilled. The three R’s of reduce, reuse and recycle have become the mantra for living. However, the growing population would only result in growing waste accumulation as an aggregated result. Technological advancements also lead to newer types of waste being generated that are more hazardous and harder to eradicate such as E -waste, nuclear waste, bio - medical waste etc. In the wake of climate change, we are aiming for a shift from linear to a circular economy. Recycling requires advanced methods to tackle these broad and large amounts of waste.As an outcome to this, efforts to redefine the concept of recycling, previously confined to trash categorization, is being attempted to transform "trash" into potentially marketable products. This session led by established leaders, addresses the benefits of up-scaling and saving materials from landfills and minimizing the use of natural resources to sustainable management of waste.