Newsletter | October 2017
Passionate about sustainability?
Residential housing demand is expected to increase manifolds to meet the urban housing shortage. Thus, it is imperative to identify the impacts and benefits of attaining sustainable housing production at scale on our environment, economy, and communities. This year’s theme for the Summit - “Sustainable is Affordable” is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals seeking to ensure access to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services for all by 2030.
5 Star GRIHA LD Master Plan Rating awarded to IIM Udaipur
The project design harmonizes with the lake concept of Udaipur city. The buildings are designed to be about 47% more energy efficient than GRIHA LD base case. Moreover, the project is designed to use 100% rainwater, DEWATS system to treat sewage, 7% of the landscape area will be used to grow food, convert all its organic waste into biogas, including other sustainable practices like sustainable urban drainage systems such as bio swales, retention ponds to reduce peak run-off quantity.
GRIHA Evaluators Examination scheduled on 2nd December 2017
GRIHA Evaluators are subject experts and professionals who evaluate the ongoing GRIHA registered projects after qualifying the GRIHA examination. So enroll for the exam scheduled on 2nd December, 2017 and join the pool of GRIHA professionals...!!
In Conversation with Ar. Sheila Sriprakash
Sheila Sri Prakash is the founder of Shilpa Architects and is the first woman in India to have started and operated her own architectural practice.

Sustainable, low-cost homes must become the default option for builders and buyers amid increasing pressure on land and the environment, according to a leading architect in India, which has among the most densely populated cities on the planet.
SPARSH- a green building mock up
SPARSH, an integrated, life size model which endeavors to enhance user experience of a “Green Building” was built in just 5 days, to celebrate the United Nation Day 2017. The mock-up was built to create awareness around the concept of green buildings among the masses and give them a taste of visual, thermal and acoustic comfort for a healthy living.
Making stronger concrete with plastic bottles
MIT students discovered a method to produce concrete that is up to 20 percent stronger than conventional concrete. The newly-invented method results in the concrete being more durable than existing concrete, thus plastic bottles may soon be used to construct everything from stronger building foundations to sidewalks and street barriers.
Book Review: Landscape Architecture In India – A Reader
Landscape Architecture in India – A Reader is a voluminous treatise produced by a joint effort of more than two dozen professionals from diverse fields. It brings together knowledge about the meaning and scope of landscape architecture in Indian subcontinent.
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8th -10th November 2017

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GRIHA training program organized at Chennai and Gwalior
An intensive three-day GRIHA training program was organized in the city of Chennai, for building professionals, to give a detailed understanding of the new parameters included in the GRIHA version 2015 and to equip them to become GRIHA evaluators and certified professionals.
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