Bamboo shelter
Concerns about the environment include the rapid growth of concrete forests and the destruction of greenery. Experts say that if the use of bamboo is increased in construction work, then it has dual benefits. Bamboo grows fast and there is no legal impediment to cutting it. Nivedita Khandekar is showing the benefits of connecting bamboo to the common people everywhere in the northeastern states.
  Green Shoots
Population and economic growth, clubbed with rapid urbanisation, have been driving the massive demand for the construction activity in India, wherein two-thirds of the building structures that will come up by the year 2030 are yet to be built.

Building energy codes are effective tools for achieving energy efficiency in the construction and operation of building. The rating sysem for green buildings was started in the early 2000s with the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), which evaluated the environmental performance of the building holistically over its entire life cycle.
  GRIHA Four Star Rating awarded to Bhamashah State Data Centre, Jaipur
The project has demonstrated 40.81% reduction in energy consumption compared to GRIHA benchmark. 50.48% of building water demand has been reduced by installing low flow plumbing fixtures and 60.75% of water savings was achieved in landscape water requirement due to the use of efficient irrigation system. Furthermore, 39.22% of the total living area is day-lit and meets the daylight factor as prescribed by NBC 2005. Moreover, 88.54% of the materials used for flooring were low energy.
  SVAGRIHA Five Star Rating awarded to Mess and Consumer Store Building for RCSM Medical College at Shenda Park, Kolhapur
The project has demonstrated 54.28% reduction in building water demand compared to SVAGRIHA benchmark and 82.77% of water savings was achieved in landscape water requirement due to the use of efficient irrigation system. Furthermore, 76.89% of the habitable spaces are day lit and meet the daylight factors prescribed by the National Building Code of India. A dedicated toilet and resting area has been provided for service staff in the building
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COVID-19: Four Sustainable Development Goals that help future-proof global recovery
“The global coronavirus pandemic, which has already caused unimaginable devastation and hardship, has brought our way of life to an almost complete halt. The outbreak will have profound and lasting economic and social consequences in every corner of the globe,” says United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director Inger Andersen.
India may suffer devastating climate change impact in 80 years: Study
India may face devastating climate change effects, including killer heat waves and severe flooding, in the next 80 years, says a study that calls for urgent steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avert associated risks to the country’s population, ecosystems and economy.

Annual mean temperatures across India are likely to increase by 4.2 degrees Celsius under a high emission scenario by the end of the 21st century, the researchers, led by Prof Mansour Almazroui from the King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, said.

TERI conducts a study to identify the sustainability route for the management of used straws
Plastic production increased from 1.5 million tonnes per year in 1950 to 359 million tonnes per year in 2018, and about 40% of global plastic production was for packaging Industry. Similarly, India consumed around 15.5 million tonnes of plastics in 2016-17 with about 39% of total plastic consumption for the packaging industry. The plastic consumption is further expected to touch 22 million tonnes per year by 2022.

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5-Day Online GRIHA V 2015 Training Programme, 22nd – 26th June, 2020
Going Green: How can we make Indian hospital infracture more sustainable?, 25th June, 2020
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