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Newsletter | November 2016
TERI Releases 10-point Emergency Plan to Curb Pollution
Amid worsening air quality in Delhi, TERI, a green body has released a ten-point emergency response plan. It has submitted the plan to Delhi government and the Union Environment Ministry while recommending that it should be enforced immediately in whole of NCR on forecasted days of very high pollution.
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IIT Delhi Lecture Hall Complex, New Delhi awarded 4 star GRIHA rating
Project has demonstrated reduction in building water consumption by 81.6% compared to base case scenario by installing low flow fixtures. Rain water harvesting system, ECBC compliant artificial lighting system, efficient glazing and external shading to reduce solar heat gain and have glare-free daylight are also employed on site. Thick locally available stone cladding and AAC block walls are used to reduce solar heat gain. Rooftop Solar PV systems of 1000 kW installed for catering to the entire academic campus. Bamboo is used for flooring within all lecture theatres.
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Indian scientists produce electricity from water without using energy
In a major breakthrough, scientists at Delhi’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have developed a novel way of producing electricity from water at room temperature without using any power or chemicals. A team led by Dr. R.K. Kotnala used nanoporous magnesium ferrite to split water into hydronium (H3O) and hydroxide (OH) ions and used silver and zinc as electrodes to make a cell that produces electricity.
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New waste-to-energy plant at Bhalswa landfill
A waste-to-energy plant will be set up at the Bhalswa landfill that has been overflowing with garbage for years. The Bhalswa plant would process up to 94 % of the accumulated waste, while the remaining 6% would be used to make bricks.
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Agriculture ministry to assist 'mandis' for setting up waste management plants
As part of the Centre's cleanliness mission, the agriculture ministry has decided to provide Rs 10 lakh each to 585 'mandis' (wholesale agriculture markets) across the country for setting up waste management plants to treat both biodegradable non-biodegradable wastes.
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Latest visuals on climate change from NASA’s IceBridge mission
Climate change can be hard to visualize, because it tends to happen at a relatively creeping pace, not in one dramatic surge. But new photos from NASA flights provide a fresh look at melting ice.
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Technology can help cut cost of green refrigerants
India’s reluctance to accept highly ambitious goals to check climate change may have stemmed from price concerns earlier, but the country is now ready to accept the challenges, according to Ajay Mathur, Director-General of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).
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NASA builds telescope 100 times powerful than Hubble
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States has successfully completed building the largest space telescope — one that is 100 times powerful than the Hubble Space Telescope and may find the first galaxies that were formed in the early universe.
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Mahindra sees electric vehicles ruling public transport, cab segment
Mahindra, maintaining and running an electric vehicle costs 80 paisa, while a gasoline vehicle costs over Rs 2.
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Bricks made of recycled paper
Architect assistant editor of products and technology Selin Ashaboglu profiles a new product from Korean-New Zealander designer WooJai Lee, who uses recycled newspapers to create bricks.
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PM plans 10-point agenda to cut natural disaster risk
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday stressed on building elements of disaster risk reduction into all development projects, global risk mapping for all type of disasters and use of social media for disaster risk management, as part his 10-point agenda for renewing efforts for disaster risk reduction.
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