November, 2020
Mr. Sanjay Seth, CEO GRIHA Council
The ongoing pandemic has given us reason to pause and re-think our approach to our collective health and how we run our economies. While a prolonged period of lockdown served to slow the advance of COVID-19, now that we are aware that the virus is here to stay, our focus should shift toward safely getting our economies back on track.

GRIHA Council is fully committed to the cause of returning to our workplaces while ensuring our own safety and that of our colleagues. In these trying times, masks, sanitization and continued social distancing are essential in order to ensure that we do not see a sudden resurgence in infections. At the same time, we must strive toward regaining our productivity.

In the ongoing festive season, we at GRIHA Council hope that you and your loved ones are secure and safe and we wish you continued health in the days ahead.
  Guidelines for closure of GRIHA (version 2 & version 3) projects
GRIHA, a green rating tool has been used as a mechanism to not only assess the present sustainability status of projects but also provides a guidance to all those who intend to work towards achieving sustainability. We at GRIHA stand committed to help projects reach their ultimate goal of reducing carbon footprint through various interventions and technologies. Towards this endeavour, we have come across many projects which could not logically achieve closure due to various factors such as change of ownership, lack of budgets, non-timely interventions, etc. In order to provide a one-time opportunity to all such projects, GRIHA has devised a mechanism for GRIHA projects (from version 2 and version 3) that have not met the mandatory compliances pending which the final ratings could not be awarded. The GRIHA Council is offering a scheme for conversion and closure of all such projects under the GRIHA for existing buildings (GRIHA EB) rating category. This is applicable to all projects irrespective of year of completion.
  New products have been enlisted in the GRIHA product catalogue
Company name:Vita Granito Pvt Ltd
Product name:Soluble Salt, Double Charged, Polished Glaze, Glazed Vitrified, Heavy Duty
Product typology: Flooring
Product name:Rainfilter™
Product typology:Rainwater harvesting system
Company name:“OASIS WFS Private Limited”
Product typology:Low flow fixtures
  Editor's choice
Building Sustainable Cities
Is there a need to reinvent, redesign and rebuild our cities for sustainability, resilience, and happiness? Last year, India achieved the milestone of becoming the world’s fifth-largest economy in terms of nominal GDP and announced the ambitious goal of achieving the five trillion dollar economy by 2025. Indian cities are playing a major role in this transformation and their contribution to India’s GDP ought to be much more than 70 percent by the next decade. Although the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the world economy, nations are trying to revitalize economic activities in a phased manner balancing with health needs. Indian cities are also slowly picking up pace but Covid-19 has exposed the vulnerabilities of Indian cities which cannot be ignored at any cost while restoring them to the status quo.
Dhanak Adivasi Art of Non-Stick terracotta Cookware with Lac Coating
The Dhanak Adivasi of Chotta Udaipur, Gujarat have an indigenous way of making non-stick terracotta cookware which are sold in the weekly haats and purchased by the locals. The uniqueness about these utensils is that they are made with the local clay, first sun dried, then burnished with application of geru paste and coated immediately with lac while they are taken out of the furnace. The firing is simple and fastest way every seen anywhere. Dry leaves of Taad tree (local palm) are used to fire the utensil which takes only half an hour to bake them complete. The coating of lac, which is also harvested by the locals make it impervious, smooth and non-stick.
This Gorgeous Bamboo Home in Badrinath Stays 10 Degrees Warmer During Snowfall
Until June 2013, Vimlesh Panwar was running a successful hotel in Govind Ghat, a town in Uttarakhand. The hotel was set up in 1990, and over the years, it grew to over 30 rooms. Since the hotel was located in the Valley of Flowers basecamp, it made comfortable profits. But on 18 June 2013, tragedy struck when a devastating cloudburst turned Vimlesh’s hotel into rubble. The pressure to quickly bounce back from the disaster and regain his source of livelihood was immense. This was when Vimlesh’s friend told him about Tanjun Associates.

  GRIHA Certified Professional & Evaluator Exams in the upcoming months
Exam Date
Certified Professional 20thNovember, 2020
Evaluator 19thDecember, 2020

  The GRIHA Trophy
This year, the 62nd NASA Convention was organized at Innovative Film city, Bengaluru, Karnataka. The brief for this year’s competition involved designing an Integrated Passenger Terminal building for the Bagdogra Airport, an international airport and gateway to the hill stations of Darjeeling, Gangtok. The designs were expected to tend towards a net-zero approach with a focus on optimizing energy, water and waste management on site. A Virtual Webinar was conducted on 23rd October, 2020 to felicitate the winners of ‘The GRIHA Trophy’. We received entries from 25 colleges out of which following 3 entries were conferred as winners.
  • National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
  • MBS School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

  IIT Roorkee wins GRIHA Trophy for design of terminal building at Bagdogra Airport
Students from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee won the GRIHA trophy at a contest organised by the GRIHA Council to promote the concept of green buildings. The trophy was presented to the winners at a virtual felicitation ceremony during the 62nd edition of National Association of Students of Architecture Convention in Bengaluru.
  12th GRIHA Summit
Year 2020 which was a year to track the progress on the Sustainable Development Goals and gear up to make the next decade count has taken a big turn and the entire focus of the world shifted to a pandemic which demonstrated how we have been taking the nature for granted, testing its patience and perseverance and how powerful or impactful it is to make us realize that we are mere players in the hands of the nature. The 12th GRIHA Summit scheduled from December 15-16, 2020 shall be conducted as a virtual event and has been themed around “Rejuvenating Resilient Habitats” and shall serve as a platform to deliberate on innovative technologies and solutions which shall help in creating robust mechanisms for developing sustainable and resilient solutions for the benefit of the entire community.
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