September, 2020
  GRIHA Council launches online orientation workshops and due diligence visits
Projects registered under GRIHA variants are required to conduct an orientation workshop for the project team and multiple due diligence (including I, II & III) visits to verify the various sustainable strategies proposed by the projects. With constant updates to the travel guidelines across the country and keeping in mind the safety of all key players involved in the process, it was important that we adapt to the new normal.

We, at GRIHA Council, are delighted to announce that we have begun conducting online orientation workshop and virtual due diligence visits for registered projects.
  Empanelment of GRIHA Consulting Firms
While it is far-GRIHA Council offers an opportunity to Green Building Consulting firms to associate through empanelment for being associated with GRIHA Council and promoting the GRIHA rating and its variants PAN India.

Empanelment of GRIHA consulting firm has been developed with an objective of creating a database of firms that are proficient of providing technical support to prospective projects that are registered under any variant of GRIHA.
  V-2019 Registration Opens from 1st January 2021
  Comfortable and safe life with ecologically valuable building
The majority of natural disasters around the world can be attributed to anthropogenic climate change fuelled by over consumption – adopting a mind-set of frugality towards resource consumption.

Talking about the increasing concerns over quality buildings, Sanjay Seth, CEO, GRIHA Council mentions of creating sustainable building designs that can address the quality over consumption of resources and balance the climate conditions.
  CORONAVIRUS: A Bane or boon for the environment?
On the second Ms Gaura Saxena, Deputy Manager (Publications), GRIHA Council through this blog intends to bring out her perspective on how the environment is being affected by the CoVID-19 pandemic and has it actually been improvised.

CoVID-19 crisis has brought the entire world to a standstill. The pace at which technological development was taking place globally, we felt that the control of everything in this world is in our hands and we can change whatever we wished to change. However, this pandemic has brought us to a conclusion that we all are mere players in the hands of nature which we had been taking for granted for several decades together. It had been sending signals in one form or the other to mend our ways but we have been ignoring it impertinently.
  GRIHA LD Five Star Master Plan Rating awarded to Raksha Shakti University, Gandhinagar, Gujrat
The project has demonstrated 58.71% reduction in energy consumption compared to GRIHA LD benchmark. There are 185 mature existing trees out of which 39 have been uprooted while 146 are retained. In addition, project will plant 5,648 new trees on site. The project will preserve 71.26% of their existing site features. Moreover, Project shall reduce its annual water demand on the municipal supply lines by 38.36% through reuse of treated waste water and captured rainwater. Furthermore, majority of the organic waste will be converted into biogas using plant of 1000 kg/day capacity while the rest of the organic waste will be transferred to vermicomposting facility of 180 kg/day
  New products have been enlisted in the GRIHA product catalogue
Company name: Aerolite Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Product name: Non-cementitious light weight calcium silicate
Product typology: Internal False Ceiling
Company name:Somany Ceramic Limited
Product name: Ultra charge, Soluble salt, and Twin charge
Product typology:Flooring
Company name:N.J. Eco-Build Pvt. Ltd.
Product name: Wonder block – AAC walling blocks
Product typology:Fly-ash bricks/AAC Blocks
  Editor's choice
Floods across the country highlight need for a robust flood management structure
Despite this July being the driest July in the last five years, many parts of India, especially the states of Assam and Bihar, are still reeling under the floods. More than 10 million people are estimated to have been affected and at least 125 people have died due to floods in these two states until the first week of August this year. Besides, hundreds of villages of Uttar Pradesh were inundated, Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai was waterlogged and Kerala has an impending flood.
How a Mumbai Society Saves 2 Lakh Litres of Water, Cuts Its Power Bills by 50%
Unlike most of the buildings in the maximum city of Mumbai that rely on water tankers, the Sealine Housing Society at Union Park in Khar is carefree. This building, overlooking the Arabian sea, has ten flats, and champions eco-friendly practices such as rainwater harvesting, harnessing solar energy, and treating 100 per cent wet waste at source. 90-year-old Navin Chandra, Chairman of the residential complex, is behind the sustainable goals set in the 2000s after witnessing the grim reality of Mumbai’s water needs.
TERI, DST develop external shading solutions for windows in residential and commercial buildings
he Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology has developed a novel external shading solution for windows for achieving indoor comfort with reduced electricity consumption in air conditioning and lighting, a statement said on Wednesday.

This technology, named ShadeSmart, will help bring more daylight with less heat inside the buildings, thus making occupants comfortable and also more productive and healthy, the statement noted.

  5-Day Online GRIHA V 2015 Training Programme
  GRIHA Certified Professional & Evaluator Exams in the upcoming months
Exam Date
Certified Professional 18th September, 2020
Evaluator 10th October, 2020

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