Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment
Newsletter|September 2016 
Accelerating green building growth with old & new policy instruments
India is progressively moving towards the sustainability requirements of the real estate and infrastructure sector. The remarkable benefits like resource optimization, more efficient & lower impact on environment, health and well-being of the occupants and many more, have compelled government bodies across the nation to formally and regularly pursue these outcomes through various legislative instruments. Given that building sector belongs to a complex industrial chain involving wide-ranging actors, variety of instruments imbued by the political agenda are used to achieve certain degree of sustainability.
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Use lower temperature sensitive materials for construction in Mumbai
With rapid development and ever growing housing demand, it has now become essential to ensure sustainable development in the region by implementing certain building code for upcoming buildings. The increase in concretization today has resulted into rise in local temperatures. The urban heat island effect or global warming generated due to excess concrete and hard paved surfaces that causes to re-radiate the heat back to the atmosphere has been found as the key drivers in rising local temperatures by a study conducted by(The Energy and Resources Institute). TERI
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Coal India Limited Office Building, Kolkata, West Bengal awarded 4 star rating
It’s a GRIHA 4 star rated project in Kolkata, West Bengal. The project has demonstrated a reduction of water consumption by 78% compared to base case scenario by installing low flow fixtures and 50.17% reduction in the landscape water requirement over GRIHA base case. 82% of total living area is day-lit and meets daylight factor as prescribed by National Building Code. 140kWp solar panel has been installed to cater building energy requirement. The EPI of the project is 86.88 kWh/sq. m ./ year
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Why Eat out of Toxic Plastic Containers When Tableware Made of Sugarcane Fibre Is Available?
Whether it’s the styrofoam plate you eat from at a wedding, or the plastic lunchbox your kid carries to school, or the disposable cutlery you use when the maid does not come to do the washing — your tableware choices affect the environment. But there is one woman who is fighting the plastic menace with an innovative business idea.
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Smart, smarter, smartest
It is essential to create a benchmarking tool to evaluate the efficiency of Indian smart city models. Smart cities are the next big thing everyone in the world is talking about. What really is a smart city? The answer lies in the fact that there is no such universally accepted definition of a smart city.
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This sustainable bioclimatic home is made of volcanic ash and prickly pear fibers
In Italy, one architecture firm creatively used local materials like volcanic ash and prickly pear fibers to create a gorgeous bioclimatic home 0-co2 architettura sostenibile, led by architect Bart Conterio, designed casa G-M to blend in with the local Mediterranean landscape. The energy efficient house showcases the idea of "architecture without architects."
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Vastukar Design Studio, Bhubaneshawr, Odisha awarded 5 star SVA GRIHA rating
It’s a 5 star rated SVA GRIHA project in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. Over 88% of the total living area falls under day lit zone. All air conditioners and fans installed in the residence are BEE 5 star rated. The project has reduced its landscape water demand by 52% as compared to the SVA GRIHA base case. Over 74% of interior finishes are low- energy like khandolite stone, granite stone etc.
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Gurgaon Residents Have a New Weekend Hobby
The Horticulture Department of Gurgaon will make some agricultural land available to city residents who want to do farming and grow their own kitchen gardens for household needs. In this first-of-its-kind initiative, the city of Gurgaon will be emulating the community gardens of the US and UK where busy city people, who have very little space in their flats and apartments to grow vegetables, get away on weekends to do some gardening.
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GRIHA Training Programmes
Proposed programs coming soon:
Venue Dates
Gurgaon 19-21 October 2016
Lucknow 21-23 November 2016
Jaipur 14-16 December 2016
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