About the Conference

ADaRSH along with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is organizing its flagship event the National Conference on Green Design 4th edition in New Delhi on 14-15 February 2013.

The two-day conference is held annually in New Delhi and is attended by over 450 professionals from different disciplines like architecture, engineering, construction companies, financing institutes etc. This year's conference has been designed and organized for deliberations on issues pertaining to green urban development. The conference aims to bring together pioneers in the field of green buildings, including policy makers and researchers together on one platform to share their experiences and view-points on the way forward for green habitats. On the sidelines of the conference, an exhibition showcasing green building materials, technologies and upcoming green projects will also be held. Industry stakeholders and green building design consultants are expected to participate in the exhibition.

Today, approximately 10 million sqm of upcoming building footprint is registered under GRIHA. With more than 270 projects under its purview, GRIHA now covers over 20 states in India. Every year ADaRSH launches a new variant of GRIHA which is in line with the developments and requirements of the building sector. This year ADaRSH is launching a new rating system for green large area developments, called 'GRIHA LD', which would address issues pertaining to site, water and waste and energy management. The official launch of the rating system is scheduled during National Conference on Green Design 2013.