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Choosing Sustainable,
Building Sustainable

29th – 30th June 2018 Courtyard by Marriott, Cts 215, Carnival Cinemas, Andheri - Kurla Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059
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Theme Background

The building sector today contributes to about 30% of the global greenhouse gas emissions and is responsible for about 50% of raw material extraction from the earth. In addition, the extraction, processing, transport and installation of materials associated with construction consume large quantities of energy and water.

Choosing construction materials with high content in embodied energy entails an initial high level of energy consumption in the building construction phase but also has a huge impact of the building performance in the operational phase. The materials used for construction determines future energy consumption in order to fulfill heating, ventilation and air conditioning demands. These materials also have an impact on the indoor environmental quality of the space which puts the user’s satisfaction and productivity at stake. By clearly understanding the natural processes and the interactions of building materials with human needs in view, designers can create buildings that are delightful, functional productive and regenerative by design.

In the last decade or so, India has seen a fivefold increase in new building materials and technologies. However a disconnect is noticed between the market and the stakeholders who have the influence to choose sustainable materials for their projects.

All these factors together call for immediate action to direct the building materials towards sustainability, affordability, availability and applicability, for relevant stakeholders to make an informed decision while choosing building materials and technology for their projects. There is therefore a need to create awareness and reach out to this larger group of stakeholders and decision makers through capacity building and showcasing the benefits of green materials and technologies.

The theme for this year’s summit - "Choosing sustainable, building sustainable" is aligned to focus on selection of the most optimal building materials and technologies to minimize impact on our environment, economy and communities, critical to sustainable development. The 2-day Summit will serve as a platform for knowledge sharing among different domains of the green building industry. It will facilitate various multi-stakeholder partnerships and networking among governments, academia, civil society organizations, and professionals from different disciplines such as architecture, engineering, and construction management.

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