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                                                   GRIHA COUNCIL

                          he COVID-19 pandemic has sent     apparent in recent years with the root causes
                          shockwaves throughout the world’s   of climate change also identified as factors that
                    Tsociety and economies. The disease’s   increase the risk of pandemics. In 2020, global
                    effects, as well as the means taken to combat   carbon-dioxide emissions plummeted in the
                    it, have highlighted concerns about pandemic   wake of COVID-19. While the pain of economic
                    preparedness and more broadly, development in   disruption was felt around the world, the crash
                    the past, present and future. If we make better   served as an eye-opener for climate-conscious
                    economic and environmental resiliency a central   businesses - more voices are now calling for the
                    part of our recovery strategy, the coronavirus   recovery to be based around sustainability and
                    pandemic can teach us a lot about how to deal   for the need to use the new normal, we have
                    with climate change.                    been forced to define to account for the climate
                                                            emergency. A greener recovery can significantly
                    In the midst of this chaos, it’s easy to forget   enhance the resilience of economies and societies
                    that only a few months ago, the argument   in the face of severe recession and accelerating
                    about climate change, its socio-economic   environmental challenges.
                    consequences, and the communal reaction it
                    necessitated was gaining traction. Sustainability   I humbly acknowledge the unending support
                    was, indeed, rising on many public- and private-  and trust of our valued partners and their
                    sector leaders’ agendas—until the unsustainable   untethered confidence in GRIHA. Without any
                    became difficult to avoid.              apprehension, I can proudly say that this progress
                                                            is the result of continuous soulful commitment
                    GRIHA Council believes that not only will   of an exuberant team. Hence, as we move towards
                    climate action be critical in the coming decade,   2022, I know that GRIHA will continue to be a
                    but that investments in climate-resilient   leader in building sustainability and persevere in
                    infrastructure and the transition to a lower-  its mission with zeal to ensure sustainability and
                    carbon future will also result in significant near-  restore a green economy.
                    term job creation, as well as increased economic
                    and environmental resiliency.           Wishing everyone the best for the forthcoming
                                                            year, 2022!
                    In this context, the theme of this year’s magazine
                    - “Restoring Green Economy” emphasises on
                    the importance of climate change. Climate is a
                    fantastically complex system; the negative impact
                    of anthropogenic activities has been exceedingly               Dr Vibha Dhawan
                                                                                Director General, TERI
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