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  • Dec 11, 2018

        Opening Ceremony - Opening Sessions

    Prof. Ian Jacobs, President and Vice Chancellor, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia

    Dr. Ajay Mathur, President, GRIHA Council and Director General, The Energy and Resources Institute

    Dr Winfried Damm, Head of Indo-German Energy programme, (GIZ) GmbH

        Plenary Session 1 - Fostering Partnerships for Sustainable Habitat

    Mr. Sanjay Seth, CEO, GRIHA Council

    Mr. Laurie Pearcey, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International), University of New South Wales

    Professor Dr. N.K.Bansal, Sintex Chair Professor, CEPT University Ahmedabad

    Mr. Atul Bagai, Country Head, UN Environment in India

        Thematic track 1 - Sustainable materials and technologies

    Ms Megha Behal, Research Associate, Sustainable Buildings


    Mr. Pradeep Sachdeva, Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates,


    Mr. S Vikash Ranjan, Programme Manager - EEB, IGEN- GIZ


    Dr. Deepika Mathur, Research Fellow, Northern Institute, College of Indigenous Futures, Arts & Society


    Dr. Shailesh Kr. Agrawal, Executive Director, BMTPC

        Thematic track 2 - Policy framework for sustainability

    Ar. Vijay Garg, Vice President, Council of Architecture

    Dr. Sarath Mataraachchi, Lecturer, Built Environment, University of New South Wales

    Mr. Kushagra Juneja, Cofounder, Design2Occupancy Services LLP

    Mr. Swayan Chaudhuri, Managing Director & CEO, Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd

        Thematic track 3 - Air Pollution - A call for urgent action

    Dr. Sunil Gulia, Scientist Fellow, CSIR-NEERI Zonal Laboratory Delhi


    Mr R Suresh, Area Convenor, Centre for Environmental Studies, TERI


    Ms. Prarthana Borah, India Director, Clean Air Asia


    Dr. Sunita Purushottam, Head - Sustainability, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd (MLDL)


    Dr Sumit Sharma, Director, Earth Science and Climate Change, TERI


        Thematic track 4 - Inclusive Development

    Mr Christopher Samuel, Centre for Indian Bamboo Resource & Technology (CIBART),


    Prof Sarnam Singh, Dean, Nalanda University

    Dr. Renu Khosla, Director, Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence

    Ms. Shelley Poticha, Managing Director, Healthy People & Thriving Communities Program, NRDC


    Ms. Swati Janu, Creative Director, mHS CITY LAB


    Prof. Arup Mitra, Professor, Institute of Economic Growth


        Keynote Address 1 - Professor Helen Lochhead, Dean, Faculty of Built Environment, UNSW Sydney

    Professor Helen Lochhead, Dean, Faculty of Built Environment, UNSW Sydney


        Thematic track 5 - Integrated mobility

    Ms. Leena Nandan, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

    Dr. Simone Zarpelon Leao, Senior Lecturer, City Analytics, University of New South Wales


    Mr. Sohinder Gill, Director General, Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles

    AProf Vinayak Dixit, Head of the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (RCITI), University of New South Wales


    Ar. Akshima Ghate, Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute

    Dr Indradip Mitra, Senior Technical Advisor, GIZ


        Thematic track 6 - Unwinding circular economy

    Mr. Amit Dasgupta, India Country Director, UNSW

    Mr. Sumit Kumar Agarwal, CEO, Tanjun WonderBamboo


    Mr. Siddharth Hande, CEO, Kabadiwalla Connect

    Ms. Almitra Patel, Member, Supreme Court Committee for Solid Waste Management


    Dr. Miles Park, Industrial Design, Design Research Collaboration, University of New South Wales

        Thematic track 7 - Transitioning to clean energy

    Dr Ashvini Kumar, Senior Director, Renewable Energy Technologies, TERI

    AProf Alistair Sproul, Head, School of the Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, University of New South Wales


    Mr. Rajneesh Rana, General Manager (BD & Contracts), EESL


    Mr. Neeraj Kuldeep, Programme Associate, Council on Energy, Environment and Water


  •     Dec 12, 2018

        Thematic track 10 - Sustainable Cooling Alternatives

    Dr. Anir1 Upadhyay, Research Fellow, Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales

    Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director, Energy Efficiency Services Limited

        Thematic track 11 - Smart cities and sustainability

    Dr. Sarbeswar Praharaj, Coordinator, Australia-India Smart Cities Knowledge Exchange Network

        Thematic track 13 - User Centric Design: Bane or boon?

    Ar. Ravindra Punde, Co-founder, Design Cell

    Ar. Ayush Chauhan, Quicksand,

    Ar. Amritha Ballal, Founding Partner, SpaceMatters

        Thematic track 15 - Health and well-being in urban environment

    Dr. Nicholas Osborne, Senior Lecturer, School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales

    Professor Vivekanand Jha, Executive Director, The George Institute for Global Health, India and Professor of Nephrology and James Martin Fellow, University of Oxford

        Thematic track 16 - Market and legal perspectives*

    Ms. Xinyi Geng, Researcher, UNSW Business School, University of New South Wales

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