The 9th GRIHA Summit 2017

Daylighting Modeling Techniques for Sustainable Built Environment - A Workshop on Daylighting

Date: 13th December, 2017 | Time: 14:00 to 18:00
Venue: Conference Room, 4th Floor, 6C, TERI, India Habitat Centre
Trainer: Mr. Ankit Bhalla, Dy. Manager – Technical, GRIHA Council.

Daylight can be a very reliable source of light. The benefits of daylighting are twofold: energy saving and psychological.

Daylighting can result in significant energy savings by reducing electric lighting loads and associated cooling loads. Additionally, with proper solar control, solar gains during cooling load periods can be mitigated and solar gains during heating load periods can be utilized, reducing the energy requirements of both cooling and heating a space.

Good daylighting has also been shown to improve the overall attitude, satisfaction and wellbeing of building occupants.

The main objective of this workshop is to deliver practical knowledge to access and monitor daylighting via simulation of three-dimensional models. The session will cover fundamentals of lighting and application of software tool for daylight simulation for assessing visual comfort.

The resulting ease of use may be deceptive for new users who do not fully understand what they are actually calculating and what the strengths & limitations of existing simulations programs. This half day training course is specifically designed towards helping students, architects, designers and sustainability consultants to learn the basic theory underlying daylight simulations and how to integrate such simulations within their practice.

Agenda for the workshop

1430 - 1500 Registration
1500 - 1600 Lecture series on basic concepts of daylight.
1600 – 1700 Hand-on exercise*
1700 – 1715 Discussion
1715 – 1730 Distribution of certificates
1730 - 1800 Tea

*Please carry laptop for the exercise

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Spectrum of 'Glass' - A Workshop on Glass

Date: 15th December, 2017 | Time: 13:30 - 18:00
Venue: Conference Room, 4th Floor, 6C, TERI, India Habitat Centre
Mr. S Senthil Kumar, Business Head – Asahi India Glass Limited
Ms. Saima Badyari, Technical Head – Asahi India Glass Limited
Ar. Aditi Salway, Key Account Manager- Hospitality - Asahi India Glass Limited

Amongst all the building materials, glass is one of the most controversial yet widely used materials in the construction industry. The industry has undergone paradigm shift in terms of different building material but the stakeholders have mixed views about the use of glass. The right selection of glass will not only help save energy and bring thermal comfort but will also affect the health of occupant.

The workshop will highlight all the aspects of how glass is a green and sustainable material right from the cradle to grave. The content of the workshop will help stakeholders understand glass as building material and help in selection based on its safety aspects, structural stability, aesthetics, thermal and optical properties etc.

Agenda for the workshop

1330 – 1400 Registration
1400 – 1410 The debate: Whether glass is a sustainable building material Brain storming with participants
1410 – 1420 The comment: Glass is an engineered product Explain the aspect like processing(Safety), energy, daylight, wind and acoustic to relate it with cradle to grave performance
1420 – 1550 How glass is sustainable start from its manufacturing to its performance Raw materials, Processing, Manufacturing, GRIHA Criteria
1550 – 1700 Glass Selection Parameters Optical and thermal property, acoustic, wind/ structural stability, fire and life safety.
1700 – 1710 AIS Products & Services
1710 – 1720 Discussion
1720 – 1730 Distribution of Certificates
1730 – 1800 Tea
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