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SUMMIT NEWSLETTER Thursday, February 18, 2016

Additional stress on pull
Welcome Address: Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, TERI & definitely add to the overall effort of enabling unit, removes any question of its unviability. components.
President, GRIHA Council green buildings. He highlighted that the cost of The session concluded with a vote of thanks by
renewable energy at Rs 4.50/unit as compared Ms Mili Majumdar. Dr Ajay Mathur
Special Address: Mr Pau Abello Pellicer, MD, Parryware, C/o to that of electricity from the grid at Rs 5.25/
Roca Pvt Ltd Water
recycling is
Dr A K Tripathi, Senior Director, Ministry of New and Renewable must in India.
Energy (MNRE), Government of India
Mr Pau Abello Pellicer
Vote of Thanks: Ms Mili Majumdar, Secretary cum Treasurer,
GRIHA Council Out of 100,000
MW solar
The welcome address was delivered power, 40,000 MW will
by Dr Ajay Mathur. He said that be in the form of rooftop
dovetailing between Bureau of Energy solar power’
Efficiency (BEE) and GRIHA’s work
has given us examples of good, clean, and Dr A K Tripathi
liveable buildings. Considering that two-thirds
of infrastructure that will exist in 2030 is yet to
be built, it presents us with a huge opportunity
to ensure that all new buildings are ‘green’.

Expressing pleasure at the engagement with
GRIHA, Mr Pau Abello Pellicer, in his special
address, said that Parryware’s commitment
to environment conservation has led to an
innovative range of sustainable products such
as high-efficiency flushing systems, sensor-
operated faucets, shower panels, and waterless
urinals. He also informed the session about
Parryware’s endeavour towards helping the
builders in saving water, by providing them with
better products that are high on efficiency and
are eco-friendly.

In his special address, Dr A K Tripathi
congratulated the GRIHA team for creating a 100
per cent indigenous green building rating system.
He said that 26 states and UTs have established
guidelines for rooftop solar power, which will

KEYNOTE ADDRESS He also pointed out that there is no cost involved most often we fail to do so due to lack of proper his projects where cost-effective sustainability
in formulating the codes but there are huge planning and execution. Further, he presented solutions were incorporated.
Speakers: Dr Bimal Patel, President & Acting Director, CEPT costs involved in implementing them, which viable design solutions through examples of
University ultimately leads to difficulty in enforcing them.
Further, he stated that codes should be able to
Mr Manit Rastogi, Founder Partner, Morphogenesis accommodate unforeseen future possibilities.
It was said that we should be able to look up
Dr Bimal Patel delivered the keynote multiple codes for different categorization as per
address on the ideology of cities of the requirements, needs, and availability. Focus
the future. The discussions centred should be on what is most needed at the present
on how cities have evolved and the time. He also stated that unfair acquisition, by a
best possible ways they should evolve further, few, makes public policies difficult to implement.
subject to the requirement of each city. He He concluded by saying that we must prioritize
pointed out the limited capacity available for the problems and leave some to be solved by the
predicting the future, and this uncertainty must next generation.
be taken seriously and not be subjected to rigid
policies. The different circumstances that a city Architect Manit Rastogi said that sustainability
faces in its development phases have to be taken and intelligence are driving the industry to
into consideration while designing the city. come up with innovative solutions for resource
efficiency in energy, air, and water. However,



Ministry of New and Renewable Energy The Energy and Resources Institute GRIHA
Government of India
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