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SUMMIT NEWSLETTER • Tuesday/Wednesday, February 16–17, 2016


Chair: Mr Vasu Padmanabhan, CEO, Piramal Sarvajal Mr Vivekanand Tiwari spoke on integration Sense of belonging with a place matters the
of micro-watershed harvesting project. The most for a designer.
Panellists: Prof N Suresh Kumar, Professor, Osmania theme was then explained via case study of
University, Hyderabad Central University of Rajasthan at Kishangarh, Dr N Suresh Kumar
with site area of 209 hectares. The key points of
Mr Vivekanand Tiwari, Assistant Professor, Central University the address focused on analytical site planning
of Raj., Ajmer and zonal divisions at concept level itself for
appropriate planning.
Mr Sharath R Nayak, Senior architect, Biome Environmental
Solutions Mr Sharath R Nayak gave examples of various
concepts of working according to the climate
Mr Nikhil Jain, Business Development Manager, Sanicon Energy and provided detailed account of projects of
Solution varying scale from Bangalore from where Biome
Environmental Solutions belongs.
The session was moderated by Mr Vasu
Padmanabhan where Dr N Suresh Mr Nikhil Jain shared his thoughts towards
Kumar enlightened the audience on the issue of water management. He talked about
how to treat waste water and the factors realistic parameters and market scenarios, and
that account for this, such as quality, longevity, the discussion further proceeded to the politics,
and price. A discussion regarding soil as medium sustainability, and economization of water.
of waste disposal and soil biotechnology were
also made to enrich the core subject.



Chair: Jappreet Sethi, Cofounder at YoStartups, Best Startup industrial economy that is producing no waste He also said that ‘21Fools’ is in partnership Mr Wangchuk did professional training in
Jobs and pollution, by design or intention, and also by with many corporates and e-retailors, such as France for the construction of mud buildings.
reusing and recycling the waste out of garbage. Flipkart, etc. He guides the major mud building construction
Panellists: Mr Kishor K Thakur, Co-Founder & COO, POM projects and is continuously working towards
POM The start-up is motivated by seeing The start-up “Help Us Green” is a Kanpur creating awareness amongst people about the
the increasing health and environmental based social enterprise, with a mission to save benefits of using mud in construction instead
Mr Deepanshu Malviya, Co-Founder, Shuttl hazards and contamination of the natural River Ganga. Mr Karan Rastogi along with his of other materials like sun and still obtain high
resources, such as soil, water, and air by the friend researched on how the flowers that are performance output, which has many benefits
Mr Divyanshu Asopa, Founder & CEO, 21Fools extremely unmanaged waste disposal system showered in temples, mosques, gurdwaras, etc., like reduced life-cycle cost, etc. Mr Wangchuk
in large cities, such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, etc. can be composted and used for other purposes, trains educationally and financially backward
Ms Monmi Barua, Research Associate, Sust. Devpt. Outreach Ms Mathangi Swaminathan and her team thereby, saving huge amount of pesticides and people to earn their livelihood.
& Youth Education, Ganga Project, TERI, EYSD -Educating initiated this movement as an NGO a few other hazardous materials to be dumped in the
communities to protect our rivers) years back and then later on tied up with the river in the name of devotion and reverence. Mr Lokesh Navani highlighted the challenge
State government, after which she made her They have been making products, such as of mitigating migration of youth from the
Ms Mathangi Swaminathan, Associate Director, Waste private company, which is run and regulated vermicompost named Mitti, soap, and incense Himalayan villages to metropolitans in search of
Ventures India, Responsible Waste Management for Municipalities by the highly qualified team members. It is also sticks. Their company also provides employment glitzy city life, forgetting and undermining the
and Citizens planning to do partnership with big giants, such to more than 100 women. value of simple living close to nature.
as ITC, to expand their company. She also said
Mr Sonam Wangchuk, Founder, SECMOL (The Students’ that Waste Ventures India provides solution for Ms Monmi Barua is leading a project called Innovative start-
Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh) urban waste management, picking up recyclable ‘Hope to Action’. It is an educational project that ups help people
materials from households and corporates and mainly aims to generate awareness about River to change their
Mr Karan Rastogi, Help Us Green - preserves the rivers by recycling it to recycle and municipal waste Ganga, and ultimately developing a sense of thought process so that
flowercycling the waste from the places of worship management and CSR. She also talked about responsibility in people to improve and maintain their approach towards
the importance of waste segregation in final the water quality of River Ganga and other everything starts aiming
Mr Lokesh Navani, Cultural Activist treatment of the waste. water resources by organizing creative learning at sustainability.
activities, such as competitions, workshops,
The session was marked by the presence Mr Divyanshu Asopa’s start-up ‘21Fools’ exposure visits, talks, etc. She is also focussing Mr Deepanshu Malviya
of prestigious speakers from the built manufacture seed paper plantable bookmarks, on developing multi-stakeholder engagement
environment industry. The session was greeting cards, wedding and other invitation towards River Ganga.
chaired by Mr Jappreet Sethi. cards, calendars, etc. These seed papers are
Mr Deepanshu Malviya talked about his start- biodegradable eco-papers embedded with seeds. Mr Sonam Wangchuk is the founder of
up ‘Shuttl’ which he explained is a promising When the paper is planted in a pot soil, the seeds SECMOL (The Students Educational and
platform offering shuttle bus service to its grow and the paper composts away and those Cultural Movement of Ladakh) and also a
commuters in cities, such as Noida and Gurgaon seedlings grow into beautiful flowering plants. firm motivator of the idea— “Innovation
and consequently aims at reducing the traffic and in Science: Earth, Sun, Ice, and Fire”.
congestion from city roads. The platform claims
to offer services, such as sophisticated buses, seat
reservation facility without advance payment,
flexibility in timing, and economic viability as
compared to other cab services.

Mr Kishor K Thakur talked about the role of
recycling in attaining sustainability by producing
several facts related to waste generation,
disposal, and management in his presentation.
He also talked about his start-up ‘POM POM’.
His start-up company will help to dispose of
recyclable waste in a responsible manner at one’s
doorstep, motivating the masses by paying the
best possible price for the same, the venture has
already started operations in South Delhi and
promises to upscale the area of functionality of
their company, and also help contribute to the
‘Swachh Bharat Mission’. He also highlighted
the importance to help people understand
the difference between garbage and recyclable
material so that the system can be made more
efficient. He also talked about the concept of
circular economy, which is a generic term for



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