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SUMMIT NEWSLETTER • Tuesday/Wednesday, February 16–17, 2016



Opening Remarks: Mr Amit Kumar, Vice President, GRIHA Mr Amit Kumar initiated the session product protocols.
Council and spoke briefly on the criteria to Ms Mili Majumdar spoke about the
make a building green and at the
Guest of Honour: Mr Maurizio Cellini, First Counsellor - Head same time make enlightened use requirement of coming up with a GRIHA
of Trade and Economic Affairs, Delegation of the European Union of resources, decrease pollution, and improve product code and mentioned that it needs to
(EUD) to India performance. have 120 products in it with a catalogue and a
qualified standard of sustainable implications of
The opening remarks were delivered by Mr Claudio Maffioletti explained about the GRIHA and explained the process along with its
Mr Amit Kumar. Mr Maurizio Cellini, need for environmental protection. Alternate need and advantages.
in his address, he gave a brief on how use of materials, in terms of sustainability and
to make the present time sustainable to the fight against environmental change and The session concluded with Dr Cesare
the needs and the respective contribution of the standardisation through the use of IS14020, Saccani’s speech on the Europe Environment
building materials in construction. IS14025, the EPTC were emphasized. Product Standards. He explained about how
minimum standards should be fixed for the
TECHNICAL SESSION Thereafter, Mr Poul Jensen gave a descriptive products and materials used in construction. He
explanation of the project, stating that the PEP also explained about the environmental features
Green Building Product Certification: Mr Claudio will be there as a term of reference for eco- and innovations required such as the use of
Maffioletti, Secretary General, Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce product certification, in accordance with the bricks and similar materials for building.
& Industry (IICCI) standard codes. He also briefly discussed about

Mr Poul Jensen, Director, European Business and Technology
Center (EBTC)

Dr Cesare Saccani, Managing Director, ICMQ Certification India
Pvt. Ltd & Technical Coordinator, MiSBM Project

Ms Mili Majumdar, Secretary cum Treasurer, GRIHA Council

MoU Signing: Mr Amit Kumar, Vice President, GRIHA Council

Mr Claudio Maffioletti, Secretary General, IICCI


SIDE EVENT V of GRIHA. Dr Vinod Gupta elucidated on the GRIHA has become a template for
design of master plan of IIT Gandhinagar and sustainable projects in India.
Opening Remarks: Ms Mili Majumdar, Secretary cum highlighted its design features, such as efficient
Treasurer, GRIHA Council use of land, minimum use of energy and water, Ms Kanchan Sidhaye
zero waste discharge, food harvesting, and
Speakers: Dr Vinod Gupta, Partner, Space Design Consultants achieving mobility without automobiles. This
was followed by Mr Apoorv Vij’s insightful
Mr Apoorv Vij, Senior Programme Manager, GRIHA Council overview on the new versions of the GRIHA
rating. Mr Keshav Saxena highlighted the
Mr Keshav Sahay, Architect and Sustainable Consultant design elements of the most recently rated SVA
GRIHA project—Abikalpan. During the session,
Mr Anurag Bajpai, Co-founder, Green Tree Consultants professionals were acknowledged for producing
excellent quality of work and in enhancing
Ms Kanchan Sidhaye, Associate, Vk:e environmental outreach of GRIHA. The professionals also
acknowledged GRIHA’s credibility, citing it as
Mr Sameer Divekar, Director, DbHMS the most sincere of all rating systems. Those
felicitated included Mr Anurag Bajpai, Director,
Mr R S Prasad, Senior Advisor, GRIHA Council GreenTree; Mr Sameer Divekar, Director,
DbHMS; and Ms Kanchan Sidhaye, Associate,
The ‘Reconnect Session’ commenced VK:e environmental. The session ended with
with a welcome note by Ms Mili highly encouraging and inspiring words from
Majumdar and updates on GRIHA Mr R S Prasad to achieve greater heights
Council’s endeavours. Some of the in GRIHA.
important pointers that she highlighted include
the timeline of GRIHA and its subsequent
development, an overview of the impact that
GRIHA has created over the years, the incentives
offered for adopting GRIHA all over the country,
trends in training programmes, and future plans


SIDE EVENT VI a sustainable school campus that can become campuses must be available for children from the awareness in school children. Ms Livleen Kahlon
a ‘Living Lab’. Prof. Anurag Roy, Principal, economically weaker sections as well. Architect shared the various initiatives of TERI in the area
Chair: Prof Anurag Roy, Principal, Gateway College of Gateway College of Architecture, Sonepat, Neeraj Manchanda highlighted that schools are of Education for Sustainable Development with
Architecture & Design, Sonepat encourages the students and reposes his faith in multipliers for the sustainable agenda. Mr P the audience.
them. He has high hopes that they will explore Sahel commented that the human brain is most
Panellists: Dr Vinod Gupta, Ar Neeraj Manchanda – newer dimensions of architecture by questioning malleable in the young formative years, which The event concluded with Mr Sahel giving
Principal, Neeraj Manchanda Architects the validity of existing design principles, instead is reason enough to engender environmental away the prize money to the students.
of blindly following and accepting what is told.
Dr C V Shimray – Assistant Professor, Department of Education in He concluded by emphasizing the need of
Science and Mathematics (DESM), NCERT coexisting with nature. The four winning entries,
out of which the first position was secured by
Mr P Sahel – Vice Chairman, Lotus Greens University School of Architecture and Planning
Delhi (USAP), presented their designs.
Ms Livleen Kahloh – Fellow, Sustainable Development Outreach
& Youth Education, The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI) This was followed by a panel discussion
deliberating on the role of a sustainable campus
This session showcased the winning in imparting environmental education at
entries of the GRIHA Trophy at the 58th schools, which was chaired by Prof. Anurag Roy.
annual NASA (National Association of Dr C V Shimray stated that sustainable school
Students of Architecture) convention
held at Surat. The competition brief was to design



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