February 2022
  Message from the CEO
Mr. Sanjay Seth, CEO GRIHA Council
In 2019, GRIHA rated 300 existing government buildings of PWD Maharashtra as per our GRIHA for Existing Buildings (EB) Rating Variant. I am pleased to share that following the successful implementation of this landmark initiative, this month we have signed a MoU with Public Works Region, Nanded, PWD, Government of Maharashtra. The MoU focusses on the review and rating of existing government buildings in Nanded district in accordance with GRIHA Existing Building Rating Variant. With this MoU, we look forward to mainstreaming green building practices in the existing building stock and encouraging sustainable development.

On the pandemic front, the reducing COVID-19 positivity rate and a dip in daily case numbers has let us return to our offices, albeit with half our strength and all safety protocols in place. However, to ensure the implementation of safety in the work environment, we have developed the Building Fitness Indicator Tool. BFI is a self-diagnostic tool that can evaluate any workspace in terms of protocols of safety, hygiene, and health, in line with global standard operating protocol.

The month of February also brings with it the new budget, which promises to invest in clean energy and sustainability. It focusses on large scale development and promotes megaprojects. While extensive development, if devoid of environmental sensitivity can further aggregate climate change, the lack of it can arrest the economy. To ensure the triple bottom line is met, this budget recognises the need to counter negative development and is an opportunity to integrate low carbon strategies and sustainability in development, thereby propelling the economy and linked job opportunities while protecting the environment. With substantial incentives to accelerate the energy transition in India, the budget is aligned to the COP26 commitments. GRIHA Council looks forward to spearheading low carbon development and contributing to the materialisation of our climate change agenda.

  GRIHA Water Positive Certification
Considering the urgent need for action against the water crisis in India, GRIHA Council is glad to announce the release of ‘Water Positive Certification’. The process involves water audit to quantify the impact of water efficient solutions adopted and implemented by the project/organization to reduce the water footprint. For more information and detailed proposal write to us at –

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  Important Announcements
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  An Agreement was signed between GRIHA Council and PWD, Nanded
In 2019, the GRIHA Council entered into a first of its kind agreement with the Public Works Department (PWD), Government of Maharashtra (GoM) which now serves as a self-sustaining business model for expanding the green footprint of habitats in the state. Following the MoU, a successful collaboration was undertaken by GRIHA Council and Public Works Department, GoM in the same year, wherein 300 existing government buildings of Maharashtra were converted to green developments in accordance with the GRIHA Existing Building (EB) rating.

On 31st January 2022, an agreement was signed between GRIHA Council and Public Works Department (PWD), Nanded Region, GoM, to ensure the mainstreaming of green building practices in the existing building stock, by means of the GRIHA rating system. This collaborative implementation will include the rating of existing government buildings under the GRIHA for Existing Buildings Rating variant as well as training workshops for PWD officials to ensure upgradation of the existing buildings in the region to ones that are resource efficient and environmentally friendly.
  Empanelment of GRIHA Consulting Firms
GRIHA Council offers an opportunity to Green Building Consulting firms to associate through empanelment for being associated with GRIHA Council and promoting the GRIHA rating and its variants PAN India.

Empanelment of GRIHA consulting firm has been developed with an objective of creating a database of firms that are proficient of providing technical support to prospective projects that are registered under any variant of GRIHA.

Interested firms may submit their applications to GRIHA Council. The firms will be empanelled based on specific evaluation criteria. The empanelled consulting firm will be listed on the GRIHA website with their contact details and the link to their websites.

The latest consulting firm to get empanelled with us are Gadin Consultancy and Co.

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  GRIHA Catalyst Members
Academic institutions play a vital role in shaping budding minds to build and sustain a better tomorrow. This is done by imbibing skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and so on. GRIHA Council comprehends that sustainability is not only a desirable skill set but also a mindset with which the present generation must grow. In line with these thoughts, the CATALYST membership is developed for academic institutions across the nation.

The latest institute to become a GRIHA GOLD catalyst member is Vivekanand Education Society's College of Architecture, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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  GRIHA Certified Professional Examination on V.2019 in the upcoming months
Month Date
February 18.02.2022
March 11.03.2022
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  New Products have been enlisted in the GRIHA Product Catalogue
Company name: Aura Synergy India Pvt. Ltd
Product name: GridSquare Metal Ceiling.
Product typology: False Ceiling
Company name: M/S Plastocraft Sanitary India PVT LTD
Product name: Pillar Cock with Perlmix, Nom. Size .15 mm, Bib cock with perlmix, Nom. Size .15 mm, One hole basin mixer with perlmix, Nom. Size .15 mm, wall mixer with perlmix, Nom. Size .15 mm, S/L lever basin mixer with perlmix, Nom. Size .15 mm, Bib cock (As per IS:8931 with perlmix, Nom. Size .15 mm, shower 4”/5”, Nom. Size .15 mm, Sink mixer with swivel spout, Nom. Size .15 mm
Product typology: Low Flow Fixtures
  Editor’s Choice
ABB India’s Nelamangala unit gets ‘Water Positive’ certification from TERI

ABB India on Thursday said its Nelamangala unit, in Karnataka has received a ‘Water Positive’ certification from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

In place of simply replacing the amount of water taken from the environment, the unit implemented an Innovative 6R approach towards ‘Water Positivity’ to replenish more water than it consumes at the location, ABB India said in a statement. ABB India’s water management initiatives at the unit were vetted by renowned external organizations such as GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) Council, Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) along with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

Assessment parameters included water monitoring system & KPI management, rainwater recharge and usage, water reduction initiatives, wastewater treatment and recycling system, and impact on the community. “I look forward to witnessing more partnerships in the sector and development of innovative solutions to manage and monitor natural resources on Earth,” added Sanjay Seth, Senior Director – Sustainable Habitat Programme, TERI, & CEO, GRIHA Council.
You can soon replace Diesel Engine with CNG/ Petrol Engine: Govt. releases draft rules

On 27th January 2022, the Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has proposed to allow retrofitting of CNG / LPG kit and to replace diesel engine with CNG/ LPG engines, in case of Bharat Stage (BS-VI) vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tonnes.

As of now, retro fitment of CNG and LPG kit is permissible in motor vehicles under the BS-IV emission norms. The proposed move would allow conversion of all new vehicles of Bharat VI emission norms into CNG vehicles.

This notification lays down the type of approval requirements for retro fitment. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is an environment friendly fuel and will reduce the emission levels of Carbon monoxide, Hydrocarbon, particulate matter, and smoke, as compared to petrol and diesel engines. The proposed rules have been formulated in consultation with stakeholders.
2021 Tied for 6th Warmest Year in Continued Trend, NASA Analysis Shows

The year 2021 tied with 2018 as the sixth warmest year on a record that extends back to 1880, according to NASA’s annual analysis of global average temperatures. The year contributed to an unprecedented, but well-understood trend in which the last eight years have been the warmest ever recorded.

Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York City produce this record using data from instruments all over the world, which is validated by satellite data. Scientists update the record every year, maintaining one of the world’s most important datasets to study the extent, pace and causes of warming on our home planet.

Here, we answer six questions to help you understand the GISS global surface temperature analysis, what it shows about 2021 and how NASA makes sense of the data.
  Building Fitness Indicator
GRIHA Council has launched the Building Fitness Indicator (BFI) initiative to check a building’s or an organization’s preparedness against COVID 19.

BFI is developed as a checklist to assess the measures adopted by building proprietors and managers to ensure hygiene and ventilation in workplaces. The resulting analysis appears as readings on a meter, indicating whether the organization is prepared to combat the highly contagious disease.

Additionally, the tool provides guidance in line with the standard practices followed across the globe (like WHO, OSHA) and in the country (MoHFW) to prevent the workplace exposure to COVID-19. The guidance provided is advisory in nature and informational in content with a set of simple yet effective measures to combat the crisis that prevails now. The aim is to ensure health and well-being of the occupants while enhancing productivity of the organizations and economy of the nation.

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  Eco-Niwas Samhita Design Aider
Eco-Niwas Samhita Design Aider tool is a unique, user-friendly, design-Based tool developed to ease the implementation of residential building code at design level. This tool has the potential to help the user to devise the different combinations of material assemblies and select the optimized sustainable solutions to meet the compliance for Visual light transmittance (VLT), Openable window to floor area ratio (WFRop), Thermal transmittance of roof (Uroof) and Residential envelope transmittance value (RETV) for affordable housing at preliminary/pre-construction design phase. The tool has been pilot tested and validated for various real-time projects in-line with the Eco-Niwas Samhita 2018 benchmarks. The tool puts to use the database of materials tested at CoE for its thermal properties and enables appropriate selection of building materials to the designer.

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  GRIHA Learning Centre
Our own team of professionals is hosting the course on GRIHA v.2019 and is sharing their first-hand experiences while disseminating the knowledge on complex concepts of sustainability. The course will be elaborating on criteria requirements of the GRIHA v.2019 through interactive sessions and thought-provoking quizzes.

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