Empanelment of GRIHA Consulting Firms

GRIHA Council offers an opportunity to Green Building Consulting firms to associate through empanelment for being associated with GRIHA Council and promoting the GRIHA rating and its variants PAN India.

Empanelment of GRIHA consulting firm has been developed with an objective of creating a database of firms that are proficient of providing technical support to prospective projects that are registered under any variant of GRIHA.

Interested firms may submit their applications to GRIHA Council. The firms will be empanelled based on specific evaluation criteria. The empanelled consulting firm will be listed on the GRIHA website with their contact details and the link to their websites.

Click here to download the registration form

Empanelment Process
  • Download the application form (includes the registration form, declaration, list of documents and annexures).
  • Email application form and relevant documents compressed in a single .rar or .zip folder to info@grihaindia.org and gagan.kechira@grihaindia.org.
  • GRIHA Council will acknowledge the receipt of the application and will review the documents. DO NOT PAY THE EMPANELMENT FEES AT THIS STAGE.
  • If approved, the consulting firm will receive an email from GRIHA Council. The empanelment fees has to be paid at this stage.
  • On receiving the payment, an e-Certificate will be shared with the Consulting Firm and will be listed on the GRIHA website within 10 working days.
Evaluation Criteria

The consulting firm submitting the application should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Should be registered/incorporated in India.
  • Should have consulting experience of at least 10 GRIHA registered projects (any variant) and '5' GRIHA rated projects (any variant).
  • Should have at least 4 GRIHA Accredited Professionals (GRIHA Certified Professionals or GRIHA Evaluators) employed.
    Please note: If an organization has 1 employee with both the certifications, the accreditation will be considered as 2.
  • Should not be blacklisted by any Central/State Government/Public Sector Undertaking in India.
Fees and Validity

New Registration: Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty-Five Thousand)

Validity: 2 years

Revalidation: Rs. 15,000/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousand)

Please note: If a consulting firm is disqualified twice, that will leave it ineligible to apply for the empanelment for 1 year after the disqualification.

Benefits of Empanelment
  • Branding: The consulting firm will be able to do branding with an association with GRIHA Council.
  • Ease while submitting bids: The consulting firm will only have to submit the Empanelment Certificate instead of individual association certificates (GRIHA CP or Evaluator).
  • Miscellaneous:
    • 10% discount in the registration fees of the first two GRIHA projects registered within 6 months from the day of empanelment.
    • Discounts for various GRIHA events (National Summit, Regional Summit, Workshops etc.)