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February 2023
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The Water (Water Availability and Treatment for Efficient Reuse) Calculator
  • The WATER Calculator is a decision support tool that can be used by homeowners, businesses, and infrastructure developers to assess the water efficiency and savings in their upcoming residential projects.
  • The Rainwater Harvesting Potential Calculator and Stormwater Management Design Evaluator helps the user to estimate the amount of rainfall that can be harvested for reuse and groundwater recharge in various cities across India.
  • GRIHA Council signed a charter on “Value Chain Approach to Decarbonize the Buildings and Construction sector in India” with the Mahindra Group.
  • This aims to serve as a platform to explore the common challenges and opportunities; and identify the relevant stakeholders in the movement of decarbonizing the building and construction sector.
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Company Name: Hira Technologies Pvt. Ltd (Renewal) Paints Pvt. Ltd.

Typology: Insulation
Company Name:Bantair India Pvt. Ltd.

Typology: Rainwater Harvesting Filtration Systems
Company Name:Oasis WFS Pvt. Ltd.

Typology: Low-flow fixtures
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Kerala Architect Saved Cost on His House by Reusing Wood, Tiles from Demolished Schools
How Architecture Can Help India’s Heat Action Plans Combat Heat Stress
Decarbonisation: Let it come from the biggest culprits and finally, India's construction sector is listening
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