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GRIHA Product Catalogue is an online platform which has been developed to provide green building designers and clients with all necessary information on green building products which can be used in order to make buildings GRIHA compliant. In recent times, the market of green building products has increased manifold.

On the one hand, this has helped in increasing the availability of green building products but on the other hand, the ever increasing range of products has made the building professionals unsure about whether a certain product meets the GRIHA parameters or not. In order to assist the building professional in selecting the products which help meet the GRIHA parameters, the GRIHA Council in association with TERI has launched the GRIHA Product Catalogue in the year 2012.


The intent of this catalogue is to provide information about products which meet GRIHA parameters to the architects, engineers, builders, consultants, industries and other building professionals for use in their GRIHA rated projects. All this leads to better purchasing decisions for a green building.

  • Visibility of company and its enlisted products on GRIHA website (during the due course of validity).
  • Endorsement of GRIHA logo to advertise enlisted product(s).
  • Visibility in GRIHA’s monthly Newsletter.
  • Ease of the documentation process for attaining points under various criteria in variants of GRIHA rating.
  • Opportunity of publishing articles in Shashwat magazine.
  • Recognition in numerous building construction tenders both by the government as well as private sector.
  • Registration fee discounts for annual GRIHA Summit.
  • Provision of exhibition space to product manufacturers at a discounted price at GRIHA Summit.
Process for Enlistment of Products
  • Step 1: Submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) Registration form.
  • Step 2: Submit Payment details.
  • Step 3: Make the registration payment.
  • Step 4: Submit product details and compliance documents required in the link shared by GRIHA Council.
  • Step 5: The compliance documents shared in the link will be reviewed by GRIHA Council.
  • Step 6: Once approved, Performa Invoice of certification fees (if applicable) will be shared.
  • Step 7: Post payment, a certificate would be released and products will be uploaded on GRIHA’s website.

Note: All the documents are required in the soft copy mode only. Additionally, keep a note of the company code.

For any queries, you may contact:

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Compliance Documentation

Compliance documentation consists of a list of documents required by the GRIHA Council to evaluate the environmental performance of the products. Please note: The list is an indicative list and not an exhaustive list. It may vary with respect to each of the products, its typology, its application. In case the typology of your product is not mentioned in the list, please drop an email to

Compliance Documentation File


The validity of the certificate is of 2 years.

Note: The certificate should be renewed before it passes its validity. After that, it will be considered as a new registration.


Registration / Review Fees:

New Registration: INR 30,000/- per product line as defined plus government taxes

Renewal Fees:

Renewal of Registration: INR 20,000/- per product line as defined plus government taxes

Certification Fees (if applicable):

In case of new registration: INR 30,000/- per product line as defined plus government taxes

In case of renewal: INR 20,000/- per product line as defined plus government taxes

Mode of Payment

The fees can be transferred through different modes such as Cheque/ RTGS/ NEFT/ Payment Gateway/ Paytm.

Bank details for remitting the payment:

Account Holder Name GRIHA Council
Account Number 62122842289
Bank Name State Bank of India
Branch Name and Address Scope Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003
Branch Code 20511

Note: If the payment is done through electronic mode, kindly mention the name of the company in the comments.

Additional Details

The enlistment of the products in the catalogue is subject to fulfilment of all requirements as elaborated by the GRIHA Council, however, the Registration fees and Certification fees are Non-Refundable.

The validity of submitting documents post registration/ review fees and certification fees (if applicable) shall be one year. In case the company approaches after 1 year, additional registration/ review fee will be charged.

Note: The companies should submit the latest test reports (which have been tested within 2 years or less) for new or renewal registration.

GRIHA Logo Usage Policy

The GRIHA Council (GRIHA) strongly supports you in promoting your association with GRIHA through the use of the GRIHA Certification certificate and marks and this policy document lays down the manner in which these may be used.

As with any issues having to do with your certification, if you have any questions, please feel free to discuss these with the GRIHA representative. Read more


Registration Fees/Review Fees:

This is non- refundable registration/renewal fee and needs to be paid upfront on registration of the product for GRIHA Product Catalogue. The review of the product will only begin on receipt of the registration/renewal fee.

Certification Fees (if applicable):

Certification Fees will be applicable in case the products are enlisted in multiple typologies/ applications. The fees will be charged once the products are found to be compliant as per GRIHA norms. On receipt of the same, certificate would be released from GRIHA’s end.

Product line:

One product line consists of 10 products of the same typology/application.


For any queries, you may reach out to our Help Centre