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                                  Bamboo Sector progress

                           160                    115.56

                          Amount in Crores  120  56.56  75.85               Conclusion


                            40  27.9                                        As a catalyst, TBM pushed the
                                                                            turnover of the bamboo sector to hit
                                2007  2009  2010  2013  2016                a five-fold increase in the last nine
                                        TBM targets                         years. The mission is a fine example
                                                                            of restoring the green economy
                » Figure 3: Year-wise targets of Tripura Bamboo Mission (Source: Tripura Bamboo Mission)
                                                                            in the state and can be adopted
             Potential                       Table 2: Potential of TBM

                                                           Potential of the Mission Bamboo Initiative
             TBM brings along with it a set of
             benefits and potentials which can be    Promotion of   Exposure to    Platform   Tourism
             taken as a module in various regions   small-scale   international   to display   opportunities
             having similar geographical and   industry    market         awareness
             environmental conditions. Such   Demonstrate   Attract       Ideas should   Innovation in product
             modules can inspire several other   importance   international   reach maximum   design and efficient
             sectors interested in developing   of small-scale   investors  population so that   exposure can develop
                                                                                        tourist attraction
             a green economy through an                    Environmentally   strategies are
             environmental approach aided by local   Get maximum   rewarding at larger   capitalized  Ensure awareness
                                                                                        among young
             involvement and sustainable tactics.                         Government    students and
             A few of these benefits and potentials   Policy creations   Online small   policies   professionals
                                                           industries can have
                                              or adoptions
             are explained in Tables 1 and 2.    for small-scale   noticeable role   can provide   Promote
                                              industry     in international   appropriate   environmental
                                                           market         platforms     consciousness
             Table 1: Benefits of TBM                                       in other states too by identifying
                            Benefits of the Mission Bamboo Initiative       the potential and strength of that
                                                                            particular region or state. Initiatives
               Environmental   Decarbonization   Socio-economic   Local green job   like TBM have a lot of character and
               benefits        benefits       benefits      opportunities
                                                                            calibre to strengthen the socio-
               Replace many man-  Restrict carbon   Encourage social   Ensure non-  economic fabric. Such modules are
               made hazardous   content in    involvement   dependency      competent and executable to give
               materials, keep   atmosphere   and training   on technology
               environmental   Maintain       opportunities   or advanced   the desired direction to generate
               balance                                      expertise       a green economy as well as ensure
                               ecological balance  Develop
               Tested and verified   Promote   knowledge base   Create job   social inclusivity while maintaining
               material for    environment-   for innovative   opportunities at   environmental consciousness. And
               complicated designs            production    local level     over time, additional benefits such
               Generate        practices in day-  Involve locals   Train and make   as decarbonization, local training,
               environmental   to-day life    in economy    locals aware of   and awareness can certainly make
               awareness                      generation    green growth
                                                                            promising changes in the green sector.
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