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             Tripura                                                        Introduction

                                                                            Technological advancement,
                                                                            exploration of research in
             Bamboo                                                         traditional techniques, and effective
                                                                            communication have taken human
                                                                            development beyond imagination.
                                                                            Despite reaching the peak of success,
             Mission                                                        we are struggling to strike a balance
                                                                            in our lives. During the course of
                                                                            rapid development, we somewhere
                                                                            lost balance with nature, our
                                                                            ecosystem and environment. This is
                                                                            the reason that even after reaching a
             Restoring Green Economy of the State                           stage of triumph, we are still striving
                                                                            to go back to our roots.
                                   t Ph
                                                          y N
                                                      ta R
                                                 . A
             In this article, Ar. Atul Jayant Phoujdar and Ar. Arimita Roy Nag discuss the   Today, we are at the receiving end
                          . A
                              l J
             objectives of the Tripura Bamboo Mission, which aims to restore the green   of global warming threats and
             economy by promoting bamboo plantation in the state. The mission promises   natural disasters. As a result, we have
             to scale up the turnover of the bamboo sector and simultaneously improve   disturbed our connection with nature
             the livelihood opportunities for the marginalized. This article is an effort to   for the sake of economic growth.
             rekindle humanity’s connection with nature.                    However, it is never too late for honest
                                                                            efforts. This is the right time to renew
                                                                            our connection with nature.
                                                                              “Always remember
                                                                              your roots. They
                                                                              are the foundation
             Ar. Atul Jayant Phoujdar is   Ar. Arimita Roy Nag is an          of your life and the
             Assistant Professor at Thakur   architect planner with 15 years’
             School of Architecture and    experience in various architectural   wings of your future.”
             Planning, Mumbai. A graduate   and urban planning projects
             from Mumbai University, he has   including teaching. She teaches at   With environmental sustainability
             a keen interest in construction   Thakur School of Architecture and   as a key issue in the last few decades
             management. With over         Planning, Mumbai. As a research   and climate change as a burning
                                           associate in CEPT University, she
             a decade experience in        has worked on projects including   concern around the world, restoring
             architecture, he has worked   CDPs and environmental mapping   the green economy is the need of the
             on a variety of projects at   for different development        hour. A serious thought must be given
             national and international    authorities such as MMRDA and    to the green economy which touches
             firms. He can be reached      PKDA. She can be reached at      upon efficient resource management,
             at          carbon control, and social inclusivity.
                                                                            Public and private investments
                                                                            govern income, economic growth,
                                                                            and employment. In this regard,
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