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                                                     Jan 21, 2020
                                                     Climate activist Greta
                                                     Thunberg is defended
                                                     by German Chancello
                                                     Angela Merkel after
                                                     Thunberg traded tweets
                                                     with Donald Trump and
                                                     his followers in Davos,

      Feb 17, 2020
      Climate change — Jeff
      Bezos, Founder of online
      retail giant Amazon,
      says the company will
      commit $10 billion to fund
      scientists, activists, non-                                                       Feb 17, 2020
      profits, and other groups                                                        IIT Mandi researchers develop
      fighting to protect the                                                          algorithm to optimize vehicle’s
      environment and counter                                                          fuel efficiency
      the effects of climate change

                                                                                              Feb 17, 2020
                                                                                              Climate — President Joe
                                                                                              Biden orders US to rejoin
                                                                                              Paris Climate Agreement

                                                      Japan raises
                                                      GHG emissions
                                                      cut target to
                                                      46% by 2030

         European Union seeks deal on climate change law
         to make the bloc’s emissions-cutting goals legally
         binding, as it seeks to cement its claim to be a
         global climate leader ahead of the global summit.
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