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             In this thought-provoking article, Dr Jatinder Kaur highlights the importance
             of designing homes that are resilient to not just natural disasters but can also
             resist and withstand outbreaks such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. She
             urges the fraternity of architects to draw inspiration from our past on how to
             develop coping mechanisms to stand tall against epidemics and pandemics.

                                                   n 2020, the COVID-19     The Oxford Dictionary defines a
                                                   pandemic dropped like    “home” as “the house, apartment,
                                               Ia bomb and opened up a      etc., where one lives, especially with
                                               Pandora’s box of challenges   family” (Oxford n.d.). However, the
                                               and hurdles for the world, as   notion of a home, which is generally
                                               nations witnessed the spread   understood to provide a “space
                                               of the coronavirus in utter   for living”, expanded to a “living
                                               stupefaction. Since then, the
                 Dr Jatinder Kaur, a PhD from   virus has been moving with   laboratory” where the COVID-19
                 IKG–PTU, Kapurthala has 25    fluidity and penetrating deep into   outbreak and erratic lockdowns acted
                 years of experience in teaching   the developing and developed   as contaminants in the interaction
                 and research. In her current   countries without any bias or   between spaces and inhabitants.
                 role as Associate Professor   mercy. While humankind was   The outcome of these interactions
                 in Architecture at SPA, New   trying to unlearn the concepts of   were new experiences and meanings
                                                                            when personal and professional
                 Delhi, she is engaged in art,   “socializing” and learn the new   needs overlapped with each other,
                 poetry, and academic writing.   COVID-19-appropriate behaviour   and family members struggled
                 She is a recipient of two IPRs   and norms of “social distancing”,   to find a corner of their own in
                 in the form of a copyright and   the imposition of nationwide   confinement. Though the “home”
                                               lockdowns came down as the
                 design registration for her PhD   seemingly only available option   was performing the basic function of
                 work. She can be reached at   for containing the spread of the   providing shelter to its inhabitants
              outbreak. Our homes became   including pets during the pandemic,
                                               lifesaving places of solace in the   its meaning altered drastically
                                               thick fog of uncertainty.    over a time period of one and a half
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