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                 » Figure 2: ESCI Lake Hyderabad              » Figure 3: Urban Blue Space, Hyderabad

             1500–1800, such as Jaipur, Udaipur,   GI encompasses both green and   from the FAO list to have found a
             Bengaluru, and New Delhi exhibited   blues spaces that make a vital life   place in the other list.
             GI solutions, including structured   support system, which is a network of
             water management and conservation   interconnected and isolated ponds,   Today, both the quality and quantity
             system. 1                       lakes, wetlands, green corridor/belt,   of water are equally compromised. On
                                             city parks, lush green campuses of   the one hand, our lakes, ponds, and
             It is a different debate altogether   educational institutes, private and   wetlands are disappearing at a faster
             whether the sense of responsibility   government agencies in the urban   rate than one can imagine, and on
             to incorporate these sustainable   context (Figures 2 and 3).  the other hand, increased pollution
             features is somehow fading away                                levels have crippled the remnant
             with time or, are we becoming way   A country like India, which is a   sources of freshwater (Figure 4). It’s
             too engrossed in a materialistic   designated mega-diverse nation   a double whammy for India’s stock of
             lifestyle? Nonetheless, as a society,   and is home to a large number of   renewable water resources. Recent
             we haven’t become completely    ecosystems including forests and   reports of disappearing waterbodies
             indifferent towards ecosystems that   waterbodies of various shapes and   and diminishing green spaces from
             are synonymous to our existence.  sizes, both flowing and stagnant,   every notable urban centre are
                                             currently faces the worst-ever   alarming. With an ever-increasing
             While there are various definitions   water crisis in its history. In terms   population and its rising needs, it is
             of GI, the European Commission   of surface waterbodies, India is   very likely that we will soon outgrow
             describes it as a strategically planned   among the top countries that holds   the environmental threshold of every
             network of high quality natural   maximum amount of freshwater.   urban centre.
             and semi-natural areas with other   According to a report by FAO, India
             environmental features, which is   finds itself in the list of top 10 water-  At the beginning of the 20th century,
             designed and managed to deliver a   rich nations.  However, the irony is,   India’s urban population was only
             wide range of ecosystem services and   India also appears in another list   25.85 million which rose to 285.35
             protect biodiversity in both rural and   of most water-stressed countries   million by 2001, and in 2011, it jumped
             urban settings. 2               prepared by World Resources    to 377 million.  Today, about 55% of
                                             Institute,  and is the only country
             1    Rohilla, S.K., S. Jainer, and M.                            ‘17 Countries, Home to One-Quarter of the
               Matto. 2017. Green Infrastructure: A                           World’s Population, Face Extremely High
               Practitioner’s Guide. New Delhi: Centre   available at https://www.interreg-central.  Water Stress.’ World Resources Institute.
               for Science and Environment. Details   eu/Content.Node/Definitions.html   Details available at
               available at  3   FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).   insights/17-countries-home-one-quarter-
               attachments/0.91656700_1505301183_  n.d. ‘World Water Resources By Country.’   worlds-population-face-extremely-high-
               Green-Infrastructure-guide.pdf  Details available at  water-stress
             2 n.d. ‘Green   y4473e/y4473e08.htm     5   Bhakar, P. 2012. Urbanization and changing
               Infrastructure Definitions.’ Details   4   Hofste, R.W., P. Reig, and L. Schleifer. 2019.   green spaces in Indian cities (Case study
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