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             connect with the outside world.   to user-specific needs. They further   tiles were outcomes of thoughts
             Common spaces such as corridors,   mention that buildings definitely get   put together in the aftermath of
             stairs, and lifts emerged as areas   impacted by any natural or man-  the Spanish flu, tuberculosis, and
             which communicated meanings     made crisis (Wood 2021). Health   cholera (Yuko 2020). Le Corbusier’s
             of apprehension, anxiety, and   crisis in the form of pandemics is also   Villa Savoye (1928) had a handbasin
             discernment.                    not new, since prior to the COVID-19,   in the entrance hall, which met
                                             the world had witnessed deadly and   raised eyebrows at that time. But
             As this dilemma of inversion begins   perhaps more infectious outbreaks,   its inclusion in the architectural
             to deepen further and the “new                                 design came as an after-effect of the
             normal” shape-shifts to become   such as the Antonine plague (165–180   devastation caused by the Spanish
             the “ideal normal”, there is an   AD), Bubonic plague (1347–1351),   flu, and it eventually became a norm
             urgent need to revisit the three   Smallpox (1520), Cholera-6 (1817–  for maintaining hygiene. Even the
             elements of architecture, i.e., firmitas   1923), Spanish flu (1918–1919), and   psychological effects of colours were
             (durability), utilitas (utility), and   Ebola (2014–2016) to name a few   explored to communicate meanings
             venustas (beauty) given by the 16th-  (LePan 2020).
             century Venetian architect Vitruvius.   It is evident that the factors of health,   of sterility, purity, cleanliness, and
             In a tryst to provide meaningful   safety, and architectural design have   happiness in hospitals. Sunlight and
             experiences to the inhabitants, the   been at the points of intersection in   fresh air were harnessed inside the
             aspect of “utility” leaps ahead of   the past too. Architecture has been   buildings to offer adequate defence
             “durability” and “beauty”.                                     against tuberculosis and flu (Philcox
                                             known to acknowledge and accept   2020). However, the concepts
             This perspective is also univocally   changes in response to challenges as   of having “sleeping porches” in
             stated by Gerald Adler and Gordana   witnessed in the period of modern   Victorian houses, which could be used
             Fontana-Giusti, who believe that   architecture. Design features such as   as resting outdoor spaces in times of
             architecture develops and responds   closets, powder rooms, and ceramic   normalcy, and adapted for providing
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