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             environmentally, and economically.   value added), which manifests
             It is reasonable to believe that cities   through improvements to a region’s
             can only become smart when they are   image, helping to attract and hold
             sustainable too.                high-value industry, entrepreneurs,
                                             and workers. For instance, in 2008,
             While there are several tangible   the northwest region of the UK
             benefits of having blue and green   supported 109,000 jobs worth £2.6
             spaces, these areas are vital for   billion in GVA through GI.
             the health and well-being of    GI seems to have been creating both
             local communities. With indoor   tangible and intangible values that
             recreational facilities including   increase the scope for leveraging
             gym/swimming pools being shut   private sector investment, thereby
             for a long time to contain the spread   minimizing unemployment risks and
             of the coronavirus, communities   increasing GVA.  Several cities of the
             across many countries used urban   world such as, Singapore, Stockholm,
             spaces for (while maintaining social   Boston, and Vancouver have invested
             distancing norms) activities such   successfully towards GI development
             as hiking, biking, camping, fishing,   by engaging in GI-related activities.
             birdwatching, and nature walks.   8
             Additionally, while the COVID-19   By promoting the application of GI in
             pandemic has left many mentally   cities, the decentralized conservation
             disturbed by its overwhelming   approach too can be strengthened
             impact on life and livelihood, these   because there is a need to shift the
             spaces helped us find solace, calm,   focus of conservation activities
             and tranquillity.               outside the protected area network to
                                             conserve biodiversity wherever they
             Recently, India announced a funding
             of INR 60 billion (about US$ 790   are even at a micro level. Now, with
             million) under the Compensatory   the emergence of the OECM (Other
             Afforestation Fund Management   Effective (area-based) Conservation
             and Planning Authority (CAMPA) to   Measures) concept, which was     » Figure 6: Constructed Wetland, East Delhi
             generate employment opportunities   adopted during the 14th Conference
             through afforestation and forest   of Parties of the Convention on   values of ecologically important
                                                                 10 11
             restoration activities in urban, semi-  Biological Diversity in 2018, ,  the   areas/green pockets towards
             urban, and rural areas.  Initiatives                           achieving positive and sustained
             such as this will only enhance our   9   NS+ 2008. ‘The Economic Value of Green   long-term outcomes for the in-situ
             ability to fight the adverse effects of   Infrastructure.’ Details available at http://  conservation of biodiversity have
             climate change and create further  become even more critical.
             scope for economic growth through   Green_Infrastructure.pdf
             investments, environmental      10   Biodiversity Information System for Europe.   The idea of GI can be promoted as a
             entrepreneurship development, and   n.d. Other effective area-based conservation   sure-shot formula to bring ease to
                                               measures. Details available at https://
             green job creation.       overused and over-stressed urban
             Western countries consider GI to be   measures                 spaces besides improving ecosystem
             a major contributor to GVA (gross                              services provision – a benefit that has
                                             11   IUCN (International Union for
                                               Conservation of Nature). n.d. World   been proven in multiple research-
                                               Commission on Protected Areas. Details   backed studies.
             8    UN (United Nations). 2020. ‘UN/DESA   available at
               Policy Brief #80: Forests at the heart of   commissions/world-commission-protected-
               a green recovery from the COVID-19   areas/our-work/oecms      Science and Engineering:245. Details
               pandemic.’ Details available at https://www.                   available at https://www.researchgate.
       12   Teodoro, S., R. Aretano, and A. Pomes.   net/publication/320859980_Green_
               un-desa-policy-brief-80-forests-at-the-  2017. ‘Green Infrastructure to Improve   Infrastructure_to_Improve_Ecosystem_
               heart-of-a-green-recovery-from-the-covid-  Ecosystem Services in the Landscape Urban   Services_in_the_Landscape_Urban_
               19-pandemic/                    Regeneration;’ IOP Conf. Series: Materials   Regeneration
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