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             complementary action from businesses, investors, and   approaches to tax, remuneration, reporting and
             policymakers, supported by voluntary action from the private   accounting with a vision of capitalism that pursues
             sector apart from necessary changes to law and regulation   true value;
             going hand in hand. Business, therefore, has a critical role to     ƒ Leveraging relationships with other stakeholders—
             play in shifting capitalism, involving the following:
                                                                 from suppliers and customers to policymakers and
                ƒ ‘Walking the talk’—adapting and aligning business models,   civil society—to influence the norms and rules that
               decision-making processes, governance models, incentives,   shape capitalism as a whole.

             GRIHA: We interact with multiple stakeholders from business owners to developers and
             project teams to impart knowledge around building sustainability. How can our discourse be
             made more impactful for this target audience?

                           : The key tasks involve linking leading   relationships that bring opportunities to
                      JEthinkers and practitioners in all sectors   transform markets to better serve people and
                      and across geographies. We need to bring forward   the planet. Functions like procurement and
                      younger people faster than would normally be   government affairs are, therefore, central to the
                      the case—after all, this is their future, and they   story of how business plays a key role in ensuring
                      are likelier to care about it than the sort of people   a positive systemic change. The COVID-19
                      who populate corporate boards and government   pandemic has put the resilience of global value
                      cabinets today.                          chains in the spotlight. Over time, the ever-
                                                               harder-to-ignore necessity of regenerating
                      Since resilience and regeneration are systemic   communities, ecosystems, and economies
                      properties, the implication of this for corporate   will mean that procurement teams will find
                      leadership is a shift in priorities from internal   themselves under increasing pressure to use
                      process optimization to nurturing external   their purchasing power in a regenerative way.

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