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                                             April 23, 2021
                                             China will start phasing down
                                             coal, starting in 2026, as part
                                             of its climate commitments,
                                             President Xi Jinping said at a
                                             summit of global leaders. US-
                                             Chinese cooperation on climate
                                             was also promoted, but the
                                             lukewarm agenda disappointed
                                             some scientists and activists

        July 7, 2021
        The Ministries of
        Environment, and Tribal                                                                June 22, 2021
        Affairs have jointly issued a                                                          Centre’s NIOT to
        circular to chief secretaries                                                          monitor sand mining
        of all states, giving the                                                              in intertidal regions
        responsibility of implementing                                                         of A&N Islands
        the Forest Rights Act, 2006 to
        state governments

                                                   June 2019 – January 2020
                                                   The Australian bushfire
                                                   season ending in early
                                                   2020 was a record-
                                                   breaker, having burned
                                                   more than 46 million
                                                   acres and destroyed more
                                                   than 3500 homes

       June 2021 – July 2021                                                              May 2020
       An extreme heatwave affected                                                       Floods and Cyclone Amphan in
       much of Western North                                                              India accounted for maximum
       America, which was linked                                                          loss of lives globally due to
       to the effects of climate                                                          climate change-triggered
       change. Over 800 people were                                                       events in 2020. The cyclone led
       estimated to have died due to                                                      to “the biggest displacement”
       the excessive heat                                                                 in the world in 2020 caused by a
                                                                                          natural calamity
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