Page 79 - Shashwat - Restoring Green Economy
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                                                          The mixed-use, re-development project comprises
                                                          two building blocks meticulously designed to save
                                                          most of the existing trees and integrate them in the
                                                          new landscape. These trees also provide ample shade
                                                          to the building façades while enhancing the overall
                                                          ambience. Building roofs have been designed to
                                                          integrate maximum solar energy harnessed through
                                                          50 kWp photovoltaic panels and 5000 litre/day hot
                                                          water panels that further reduce heat gain from
                                                          the roofs. Recessed windows with double glazing
                                                          optimize solar heat gain and glare in the building
                                                          interiors. The building envelope also uses AAC
                                                          blocks for wall insulation and XPS insulation for the
                                                          roofs. Smart interior lighting, energy-efficient VRV
                                                          (variable refrigerant volume) air conditioning system,
                                                          and building management system (BMS) help achieve
                                                          an EPI (Energy Performance Index) of 53.4 kWhm   2
                                                          while saving more than 86% from the GRIHA energy
                                                          benchmark. By utilizing low-flow sanitary fixtures,
                                                          efficient landscape irrigation systems, and reusing
                                                          treated waste water, the project saved over 50% of the
                                                          required freshwater. The team of GRIHA Council was
                                                          instrumental in extending their invaluable support
                                                          by guiding the project team throughout the execution
                                                          stage, especially during the final documentation.
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