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             GRIHA: What systemic reforms and policy
             interventions are required to prepare for the future?

                           : My latest book, Green Swans,  was   Tomorrow’s Capitalism Forum we co-
                      JEpublished in April 2020, leading to my   hosted with Aviva Investors. The idea is
                      being asked to deliver over 100 virtual keynotes in   easily stated–a 5-year campaign to ensure
                      more than 30 countries by the end of 2020 alone.   regeneration is firmly on the board and
                      We were continuously asked for more information   C-suite agenda by 2025.
                      and case studies linked to people’s own sectors,
                      markets, and challenges. Our online Observatory   8  We are in the midst of a planetary,
                      is our response designed to provide constantly   multigenerational re-education process.
                      updated intelligence on exponential solutions to   Education, at all levels, is among the best
                      some of the world’s greatest challenges.   investments our societies make with
                                                               extraordinary (if not always predictable)
                      We look forward to a future world turned upside   long-term returns.
                      down with our species in service of life rather than
                      vice versa. We urgently need exponential solutions   So, one strand of the Observatory has
                      to the rising problems. So, the Observatory   worked with university and business
                      spotlights exponential shifts in mindsets, markets,   school students in Japan, the UK and
                      technology, politics, and cultures that, directly or   USA, typically at the MBA and Master’s
                      indirectly, can enable a ‘Regenerative Economy’.   level on Green Swan market forecasts
                      Shifts we call ‘Green Swans’.            and linked policy and entrepreneurial
                                                               solutions. So, a few things give us greater
                      Launching with a Green Swans Day event in 2019,   hope that we can crack this problem—
                      our linked change agenda took wing at the 2020   before it cracks us.

             7   For more details, please visit
             8   For more details, please visit
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