Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment August 2023  
Mr. Sanjay Seth, Vice President & CEO, GRIHA Council
World Nature Conservation Day observed every year on 28th July serves as a reminder to us of the urgent need to safeguard our natural heritage and ensure the sustenance of life on earth and human well-being. In accordance with this year’s theme- Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet, we as responsible stewards of nature must take collective actions to combat climate change, protect our diverse ecosystems, promote sustainable lifestyles, embrace renewable energy sources, and support conservation efforts.

In the month of July 2023, GRIHA Council had the privilege of being invited to various conferences which focused on diverse aspects of sustainable development across varied sectors. I was invited to the Construction Technology Summit 2023 organized by ASAPP Info Global Group on 14th July 2023 to discuss on- Technology-enabled low-carbon construction practices ensuring holistic development while mitigating climate change.

It was also a pleasure to be part of the commemoration of the 35th Foundation Day of the National Housing Bank wherein I had the opportunity to share on- Green Affordable Housing Finance in India: Opportunities and Challenges. Ms. Shabnam Bassi, Deputy CEO-cum-Secretary & Treasurer, GRIHA Council was invited to deliberate on "Green Manufacturing - Significance and Strategies for Implementation" during the Apparel Sourcing Week 2023 held in Bengaluru on 20th July 2023. The insightful discussion highlighted the collective efforts of companies towards sustainable transformation and reinforced the importance of integrating eco-friendly practices into the fabric manufacturing industries.

I am pleased to inform you that GRIHA Council in association with the Institute of Engineers India, Faridabad conducted an interactive and engaging webinar on sustainable building practices and GRIHA ratings for a diverse group of professionals. As a part of the multi-city training program on GRIHA V.2019, the Bengaluru edition was successfully concluded. The third session of the multi-city training program on GRIHA V.2019 is scheduled from 6th- 8th December 2023 in Mumbai.

As we commence with our preparations for the 15th GRIHA Summit, we are pleased to inform you that GRIHA Council, as a prelude to the Summit, is organizing a ‘Sustainability Fair’ under its “Paryavaran Rakshak Programme”. The programme will provide numerous opportunities for students to engage and showcase their understanding of the concept of sustainability in unique and innovative ways. I encourage school students and teachers to take this opportunity and actively participate in the Sustainability Fair.

The “Exemplary Performance Awards”, which is an integral part of the annual GRIHA Summit, invites potential projects to submit their proposals which meet the sustainability benchmarks across various criteria. We hope to receive valuable contributions highlighting innovative perspectives and best practices that became the transformative force in advancing sustainable development.
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GRIHA Council at 35th Foundation Day of National Housing Bank (NHB)

On the occasion of its 35th Foundation Day, the National Housing Bank (NHB) organized a panel discussion centered on contemporary issues pertaining to Green Affordable Housing Finance in India. As a distinguished speaker, Mr. Sanjay Seth, Vice President & CEO of the GRIHA Council, was invited to participate in the session titled "Green Affordable Housing Finance in India: Opportunities and Challenges". The discussions revolved around the theme of green and sustainable housing, emphasizing its role in mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions originating from the building sector.
During his presentation, Mr. Seth underscored the significance of integrating green and sustainable practices into affordable housing projects as a means to control GHG emissions. He highlighted the GRIHA rating for affordable housing and GRIHA certification JANGRIHA, specifically designed to address the needs of the affordable housing segment. These initiatives aim to facilitate the widespread adoption of sustainable practices across various socio-economic strata in India, while significantly reducing GHG emissions resulting from the construction industry.
GRIHA Awarenes Webinar

The GRIHA Council, in collaboration with the Institute of Engineers (India), Faridabad Local chapter, organized an engaging and interactive webinar on 21st July 2023, focusing on green buildings and GRIHA ratings. The event featured insightful presentations by esteemed speakers, including Mr. Akash Deep, Area Convenor and Senior Programme Manager, GRIHA Council, along with Er. K R Gupta, FIE Chairman, and Er. I S Oberoi, FIE Hon'ble Secretary.

The webinar showcased real-world examples of buildings adhering to GRIHA ratings and saw active participation from approximately 90 attendees.
GRIHA Council at Apparel Sourcing Week 2023

Ms. Shabnam Bassi, Deputy CEO-cum-Secretary & Treasurer of the GRIHA Council, participated in a panel discussion titled "Green Manufacturing - Significance and Strategies for Implementation" held on 20th July 2023 at the Apparel Sourcing Week 2023 in Bengaluru. Distinguished speakers included Shreyaskar Chaudhary, Managing Director of Pratibha Syntex Ltd.; Anant Ahuja, Head of Organisational Development at Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd; Dr. Karthik N.D, Regional Managing Director - South Asia of Eurofins Product Testing, Eurofins Group; Dave Hillen, GM, and Director at Gildan Brands; Vivek Adhia, EAD - Climate and Sustainability at Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

The session focused on the imperative of embracing sustainable practices across all industries, particularly in apparel manufacturing. The participants emphasized their commitment to reducing environmental impact and enhancing sustainability. This insightful discussion showcased the collective efforts of companies towards a sustainable transformation and reinforced the importance of integrating eco-friendly practices into the fabric of manufacturing industries.
GRIHA Council at Construction Technology Summit 2023

Mr. Sanjay Seth, Vice President & CEO, GRIHA Council and Senior Director, Sustainable Habitat Programme, TERI was invited in the Inaugural Panel Discussion on "Tech-enabled low carbon construction: Leveraging Innovations for Efficient Construction," held on 14th July 2023, as part of the Construction Technology Summit 2023. During the discussion, Mr. Sanjay Seth emphasized the importance of drawing inspiration from our ancient architectural wisdom, which forms the core principles of GRIHA rating. He highlighted that making green buildings affordable is achievable when eco-friendly measures are seamlessly integrated during the design phase. Additionally, he underscored that buildings that do not harmonize with their surroundings often demand substantial capital investment, leading to the misconception that green buildings are expensive.

Furthermore, Mr. Seth stressed the urgent need to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy sources, creating opportunities for low carbon pathways that promote comprehensive development and address challenges posed by climate change.
3-day Training Programme on GRIHA V. 2019

As part of the multi city training programs organized by the GRIHA Council, the Bengaluru edition took place on 12th – 14th July 2023 at the TERI Southern Regional Centre, Bengaluru. The programme was designed to facilitate the introduction of green buildings and the GRIHA V.2019 rating process. The sessions included active participation from consultants, urban planners, practicing architects, students and faculties from various institutions. The sessions began with awareness on general concepts and processes under GRIHA V 2019. The programme focused on various sections such as sustainable site planning, water and wastewater management, building design optimization, energy performance optimization, renewable energy utilization, solid waste management, sustainable building materials, construction management practices, life cycle cost analysis etc. Each session was carried out with presentations of the respective criteria followed by group and individual exercises for the participants.
The programme received an overwhelming response and was attended by over 30 members.
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