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Case studies

Title: JIPMER International School of Public Health (JISPH)
Location: Puducherry
GRIHA Rating:4 Star Rating (Version: 3.1)
Rating Type:Griha Provisional Rating
UN House
Title: UN House
Location: New Delhi
GRIHA Rating:4 Star Rating (Version 1)
Rating Type:GRIHA EB Rating
Raksha Shakti University
Title: Raksha Shakti University, Gandhinagar, Gujrat
Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat
GRIHA Rating:5 Star Rating (Version 1)
Rating Type:Griha LD Masterplan Rating



  • Government of Himachal Pradesh (Town & Country Planning Deptt)
  • Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat
  • Sunref India affordable green housing : GRIHA incentive
  • Scheme for Assistance to Encouraging Green Practice and Environmental Audit to MSME - Gujarat, 2019 : GRIHA incentive
  • Development of Solar Cities in Haryana - Haryana, 2019 : GRIHA Incentive
  • Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority, Comprehensive Development Plan 2021 - Gujarat, 2019 : GRIHA Incentive

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