Nov 3, 2023
Nov 3, 2023
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi


In these unprecedented times where the world is confronted with multitude of environmental challenges, there is elevated level of uncertainties about the future. When we mention about future, it is the children, the youngest stakeholders who will be greatly affected by the actions that we take today.

As quoted by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India “Today there is a need for all of us to come together and take Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) as a campaign. This can become a mass movement towards an environmentally conscious lifestyle.” As catalysts of change, children can become the transformative force in advancing sustainable development and adopting environment friendly practices. In this process, schools, play a crucial role in sensitizing the students and inculcating a sustainable behaviour to nurture them as sustainability leaders of tomorrow.

Taking a step forward for engaging students and teachers in sustainability, GRIHA Council has a Prayavaran Rakashak Programme, an initiative to engage multiple stakeholders and inculcate the values of sustainability in them.

About GRIHA Council

Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) Council is an autonomous, not for profit society jointly set up by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India to promote and administer the development of sustainable buildings and habitats in India through GRIHA. GRIHA is the indigenous rating system developed by TERI, which was adopted as the National Rating System of India by MNRE. GRIHA, acknowledged as India’s own green building rating system, is a tool to evaluate reductions in emission intensity through habitats. GRIHA is a part of mitigation strategy for combating climate change in India’s “Nationally Determined Contributions” submitted to UNFCCC by the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MOEF&CC).

With an intention to instil the concepts of sustainability in the minds of children and engage teachers and students in implementation of sustainable practices in their school, GRIHA Council has a rating variant, GRIHA for Existing Schools, a framework to evaluate and rate the environmental performance of existing schools across the globe.

GRIHA Summit

Over the years, GRIHA Council has been hosting its Annual Summits to deliberate on issues which are of national discourse in association with entities of national and international repute such as Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs; Ministry of Power; UNSW Sydney, Australia; Royal Danish Embassy; GIZ; Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The past Summits had been designed on the themes such as “Approach to Integrated Sustainability”, “Fostering Partnerships for Sustainable Habitats”, “Transforming Habitats”, “Sustainable is Affordable”, “Restoring Green Economy” and “Towards Net Positive Habitats”

15th GRIHA Summit

The 15th GRIHA Summit scheduled on 23rd – 24th November 2023 shall be conducted at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi and has been themed around “Empowering Sustainable and Resilient Communities”. The theme aims to create a better future for all by empowering communities for resilience and sustainability to cope with the adverse impacts of accelerated climate change. It intends to highlight the crucial interdependence of all forms of life for the very sustenance of life on Mother Earth. Reiterating the spirit 15th GRIHA Summit “Empowering Sustainable and Resilient communities”, let's come together, think innovatively, and strengthen our commitment to sustainability.

Prelude Event

Every year GRIHA Council organizes Prelude events which serve as an invitation to the annual flagship summit for the green building industry stakeholders and the public. The prelude events set the tone for the upcoming summit and are designed with the objective to spread awareness amongst multiple stakeholders on the topics of environmental concern. In the past, under the prelude event, GRIHA Council organized two-day workshop on Mud and Bamboo Architecture, clean-up drives, plantation drives, awareness programmes with RWAs and Nukkad Natak competition for schools under Paryavaran Rakshak Programme


“Paryavaran Rakshak Programme” is a significant prelude event of GRIHA Council organized as a part of its flagship event, annual GRIHA Summit. The intent of organizing Paryavaran Rakshak Programme is to highlight the need of involvement of students and teachers in sustainable development. This platform provides opportunities for students to showcase their understanding on sustainability. Last year, under the Paryavaran Rakshak Programme, a week-long event was organized by GRIHA Council under which Nukkad Natak Competition on the theme “EARTH को अनर्थसेबचाये” was conducted for the schools pan India



The remaining performing schools were awarded with the consolation award of 5,000 INR each from the GRIHA Council.



Last year, the Prayavaran Rakshak Programme 2022 was supported by Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom, Lab 4 Living, Playponics, ATIVA, The Climate Reality Project, Mobius Foundation, Indo Global Social Service Society (IGSSS), Sundaram Multi Pap Ltd.




As a prelude to the 15th GRIHA Summit, GRIHA Council is organizing a ‘Sustainability Fair’ under its “Paryavaran Rakshak Programme”. The intent of ‘Sustainability Fair’ is to highlight the vital role of students in advancing sustainable development. The programme will provide numerous opportunities to students to engage and showcase their understanding on the concept of sustainability in their unique and innovative ways. A series of events will be conducted under the Sustainability Fair which includes:


  • Hands-on Workshop- Sustainability in Everyday Life
  • Mascot Design Competition
  • Poem Writing Competition
  • School Exhibition
  • Nukkad Natak Competition
  • Exemplary Performance Award for Existing Schools


Sustainability workshop intends to make the students aware and conscious about infusing sustainability in daily life both as a mindset and a pedagogy. Through funlearning and creative activities on the theme - Sustainability in Daily Life, the hands-on workshop will be led by sustainability experts engaging students in various activities.

Registration Fee:

  • Hands-on workshop is open for all session. FREE Registration


Design a unique, creative, original, and feasible mascot for GRIHA Council. The mascot should represent the spirit of GRIHA Council’s Paryavaran Rakshak.

All schools from classes 5th to 12th can participate in the mascot design competition.

1. Schools have to submit a conceptual note (150-250 words) explaining about the mascot and how it is aligning with the spirit of GRIHA Council’s Paryavaran Rakshak.

Registration Fee:
The registration fee for participating in the mascot design competition is INR 1000.


The theme for the poem competition is - Healing the Earth.

All schools from classes 5th to 12th can participate in the poem competition.

1. Poems may be written in Hindi or English.

Registration Fee:
The registration fee for participating in the poem competition is INR 1000.


All schools are invited to participate in the exhibition being organized under ‘Sustainability Fair’. The theme of the exhibition is – “EARTH को अनर्थसेबचाये”.

All schools from classes 5th to 12th can participate in the exhibition.

1. Schools have to submit a conceptual note (consisting of 150-250 words) explaining about their models/exhibits that they will be exhibiting during the exhibition.
2. A short video of 2-3 minutes describing the models/exhibits need to be sent along with the concept note.

Registration Fee:
The registration fee for participating in the school exhibition is INR 5000.


The theme of the Nukkad Natak is “Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment)”. We invite participation from schools across the country to showcase their understanding on the theme.

All schools are eligible to participate in the Nukkad Natak competition under two categories- Category I: Standards 5th to 7th; Category II: Standards 8th to 12th.

1) Interested schools have to submit the conceptual note (150-250 words) of the skit to be performed at the event.
2) Interested schools shall send a glimpse of 2-3 minutes audio-video recording of their skits.
3) A team with a maximum of 10 participants only will be allowed.
4) The language for the skit performance can be either Hindi or English or both.
5) Pre-recorded dialogues, standing mic and film songs are not allowed as a part of the competition.
6) Duration of the final skit performance should not be more than 10 minutes.
7) Participants will use their own costumes, props, any other special effects required for the skit. No cost will be reimbursed for putting together the skit

Registration Fee:
The registration fee for participating in the Nukkad Natak competition is INR 5000.

6) Exemplary Performance Award for Existing Schools

GRIHA Council recognizes the efforts of the schools that have met sustainability goals and acknowledges their commitment toward the cause of sustainable development through the “Exemplary Performance Award for Existing Schools”.

For more details, click here.

Registration Fee:
Registration is open for all. FREE Registration.

1) For registering in the above-mentioned competitions, please fill the registration form in the following link:
2) All entries, consisting of mascot, poem, concept note, and audio-video recordings (as registered) shall be submitted at
3) Send your entries with the subject line and file name- “Competition Name_School Name_Student Name”.
4) Last date for submitting the entries for all categories is- 21st AUGUST 2023.
5) Submission of both concept note, and audio-video recordings (wherever applicable) is mandatory, failing which the entries will not be evaluated.
6) All entries will be evaluated by a jury. Decisions by jury will be final.
7) All short-listed entries shall be informed via email and shall be called to present their submissions during Paryavaran Rakshak Programme 2.0.
8) Travel cost and stay arrangements will be borne by the respective schools.
9) For the event, teachers/parents have to accompany the students taking part in the competition.
10)All entries must be innovative and original.



S.No. Name of theCompetition Eligibility Registration Fee (INR)/ entry  
1 Hands-on Workshop Open to all FREE Early bird discount for schools registering in all four competitionsINR 10,000
2 Mascot Design Competition All students (standards 5th to 12th) 1000
3 Poem Competition All students (standards 5th to 12th) 1000
4 School Exhibition All students (standards 5th to 12th) 5000
5 Nukkad Natak Competition All schools under:
Category I: Standards 5th to 7th

Category II: Standards 8th to 12th
6 Exemplary Performance Award for Existing Schools Open to all FREE



  • Exciting prizes and gift hampers will be awarded.
  • Participation certificates will be given to all the participants.