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GRIHA Council
Jul 14 2023

Construction Technology Summit

Mr. Sanjay Seth, Vice President & CEO, GRIHA Council and Senior Director, Sustainable Habitat Programme, TERI was invited in the Inaugural Panel Discussion on "Tech-enabled low carbon construction: Leveraging Innovations for Efficient Construction," held on 14th July 2023, as part of the Construction Technology Summit 2023.

During the discussion, Mr. Sanjay Seth emphasized the importance of drawing inspiration from our ancient architectural wisdom, which forms the core principles of GRIHA rating. He highlighted that making green buildings affordable is achievable when eco-friendly measures are seamlessly integrated during the design phase. Additionally, he underscored that buildings that do not harmonize with their surroundings often demand substantial capital investment, leading to the misconception that green buildings are expensive.

Furthermore, Mr. Seth stressed the urgent need to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy sources, creating opportunities for low carbon pathways that promote comprehensive development and address challenges posed by climate change.