Complimentary Handholding Training Programme on GRIHA V.2019

Events Complimentary Handholding Training Programme on GRIHA V.2019
Jun 10, 2022
Jul 29, 2022
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Complimentary Handholding Training programme

A complimentary 8-Day training programme was conducted by GRIHA Council on the GRIHA Version 2019. This training was held for an hour every Friday, for a period spanning 8 weeks, starting 10th June, 2022. Registered participants attended all or selected sessions of their interest. All the sections in GRIHA V.2019 were discussed in detail during these sessions.

This was an effort by GRIHA Council to provide handholding guidance to the professionals in the green building industry to get acquainted with the latest GRIHA rating – the GRIHA V.2019. The objective was to impart knowledge to the participants so there is a clear understanding on the requisites against each appraisal of each criterion, for all sections. We hope that this will help all professionals’ smoothly transition to the new version and help prevent multiple rounds of submissions for a project, which will eventually help in reducing the overall timeline to achieve a rating.

The training was attended by 1,367 participants overall.