GRIHA Council conducts awareness workshops/training program on Green Buildings and GRIHA rating system. To make the information readily accessible and available for our clients, consultants, construction industry officers and general public, GRIHA Council has started a series of webinar.

Webinar are web-based seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the web. Webinar helps to make these sessions interactive by the ability to give, receive and discuss information.

Past Webinar

Webinar for students on Way forward for Schools Post Lockdown - 15th May 2020

GRIHA Council is conducting a webinar for students on 'Way forward for Schools Post Lockdown' on May 15, 2020 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM IST.

Learning Outcome

  • Operational Guidelines for schools to function post lockdown to contain CoVID-19
  • Case studies of Sustainable Schools
Schools post lockdown
Webinar for students on 'Green buildings – The GRIHA way' - 1 May 2020

A webinar "Green buildings- The GRIHA way" was conducted on May 1, 2020 from 4 pm to 5:30 pm. The webinar was conducted specially for the students of academic institutions to create awareness about green buildings and GRIHA rating system.

Learning Outcomes of the webinar:

  • About GRIHA Rating System
  • Case studies of the GRIHA rated projects
  • Daylight area calculation
  • Effective SHGC calculation of fenestration
  • EPI and water calculations
Green buildings
Webinar on Building Fitness Indicator (BFI) - A social initiative of GRIHA Council - 28 April 2020

GRIHA Council conducted a webinar on 'Building Fitness Indicator (BFI) - A social initiative of GRIHA Council' on April 28 (World Day for Safety and Health at Work), 2020 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Learning Outcomes of the webinar:

  • Getting to know about the measures to take at workplace post lockdown.
  • In detail understanding the precautionary and planning measures to fight COVID-19.
  • Hands on experience of the tool which will allow the organization to measure the preparedness towards the workplace and for the workforce.
BFI webinar
Webinar on Introduction to GRIHA V.2019 - 17 April 2020

GRIHA Council conducted a webinar on the new version of the GRIHA rating- Version 2019. The webinar focused on the changes that GRIHA v.2015 has undergone in order to account for the ongoing advancements in the highly dynamic construction sector. It also gave the participants an overview of the newly integrated concepts like life cycle cost analysis, life cycle analysis, and water performance index to name a few.

Learning Outcomes of the webinar:

  • Changes in the rating process of V 2019
  • Changes in the rating structure of V 2019
  • Updated Sections & Criteria of V 2019
GRIHA V 2019
Webinar on Conducting GRIHA Site Visit by Certified Professsional - 18 January 2020

GRIHA Council organized a Webinar on "Conducting GRIHA Site Visit by Certified Professsional" on 18 January 2020. Mr Akash Deep, Senior Manager, GRIHA Council gave an introduction to GRIHA due diligence platform, discussed on the role of certified professionals in conducting GRIHA site visits. This was followed by a Q&A session.

Webinar banner
How cool are Green Buildings in India? - 10 October 2018

TERI Council for Business Sustainability (CBS) conducted the sixth webinar in the series of 'Thought Leadership Webinar' for Indian companies and businesses.

Given India's commitment under the Paris Agreement and the Kigali Agreement, there is a surge in the usage of HVAC systems in India is being coupled with the potential to embed energy efficiency features and use of cost-effective low GWP refrigerants. The National Building Code has requirements on the use of zero-ODP and low-GWP refrigerants. In the green building space this assumes immense importance. This webinar was focused on this transition and captured the leadership initiatives among Indian businesses. The key points of discussions included:

  • Understanding legislation and choice of the right refrigerants;
  • Rethinking equipment design, installation, and operation for greater efficiency and sustainability and
  • Lesson learnt on what has worked and what hasn't
GRIHA for Affordable Housing (AH) - 15 June 2018

GRIHA Council conducted a webinar on GRIHA for Affordable Housing (AH) rating variant on 15th June, 2018 15:00 to 16:30 hrs.

Learning Outcomes of the webinar -

  • Intent behind each criterion of the GRIHA AH rating variant
  • Rating process
  • Mandatory criteria
  • Required documentation
Webinar: GRIHA for Existing Buildings (EB) - 9 March 2018

The webinar was conducted to showcase the intent behind each criterion of the GRIHA EB rating variant. The session informed the audience about the rating process, mandatory criteria and required documentation for each appraisal.

Webinar: GRIHA Version 2015 - 18 September 2015

The webinar on "GRIHA Version 2015" was conducted to showcase the new version of the rating system - Version 2015. The session informed the audience about the various revisions made to the rating system. It also acquainted the audience with an introduction to the new rating system and mentioned about its various modifications. The webinar also briefed about the technical changes made to the criteria and helped the audience in understanding the structure of the latest version.

GRIHA Version 2015
Webinar: GRIHA For Large Development - 19 May 2015

The webinar on 'GRIHA LD' talked about the modifications that have been made in the new version of GRIHA for Large Development, that is, GRIHA LD v3. The overall structuring of the rating, along with a detailed explanation of all the sections (carrying capacity and self-sufficiency, site planning, energy, water, waste, social, transport) was explained to the participants through the webinar. The overall rating has been aligned with the format of the main GRIHA rating system – with higher scoring denoting the better rating. The key changes in the updated rating system are as follows: Resource Impact Section has been renamed as Self Sufficiency. This will enable the projects to cater to the energy and water requirement of the people. Therefore, the higher the self-sufficiency, the better the score project gets.

As per the latest updations, no points will now be awarded for mandatory appraisals. The overall rating bandwidths have been revised as per the AHP survey conducted among different stakeholders from the industry. The addition of new section on sustainable materials and a special emphasis on safety, social and infrastructure of the project have also been well addressed in the new version of GRIHA LD

GRIHA For Large Development