GRIHA Pre-Certification

GRIHA V2019 Pre-certification

The GRIHA v.2015 has undergone an extensive revision to account for the ongoing advancements in the highly dynamic construction sector. This version (i.e. GRIHA V2019) integrates concepts like life cycle cost analysis, life cycle analysis, and water performance index to name a few. This version has taken into consideration the incorporation of user experience, market feedback, and enhanced ease of implementation and adoption.

GRIHA V2019 Pre-certification is awarded to projects intending to comply with the rating requirements in terms of the various criteria and their appraisals. Further it allows projects a room to reconsider and revamp their decisions based on critical parameters like design, equipment, material, and so on. Thereby strengthening the aspects of sustainability in the project to a greater level. Additionally, all the incentive and benefits applicable for previous GRIHA versions are applicable for GRIHA V2019 as well.


All new construction projects with built up area more than 2500 m2 (excluding parking, basement area, and typical buildings) are eligible for pre-certification under GRIHA V2019.

Rating Process
  1. Online registration: The project team can initiate the registration process by filling the EOI Form available on the GRIHA website. The process of registration is completed after the successful payment of registration fees by the project team. Once the project is registered, the project team is provided with a username and password for submitting the documentation on the GRIHA online panel.
  2. Submission of documents: The project proponent will upload the documents for all criteria on the online panel using the username and password provided at the time of registration.
  3. Preliminary evaluation: Preliminary evaluation is carried out by the GRIHA Council. The documentation submitted must be complete in all aspects. Any attempted criteria with incomplete documentation shall not be evaluated. Online calculators provided for specific criteria need to be filled in and submitted. GRIHA team would take 25 working days to evaluate the documents and share their comments. The project team gets 2 weeks to respond to the queries raised.
  4. Final evaluation: Once the project team addresses the queries raised by the GRIHA team, final evaluation is carried out. Based on this evaluation, GRIHA Council shall prepare a final score card within 25 working days after the project team furnishes requisite information sought during preliminary evaluation. Pre-certification shall be awarded based on the final evaluation.
Rating Structure
Section Criterion No. Criterion Name Maximum Points
1. Sustainable Site Planning 1 Green Infrastructure 5
2 Low Impact Design 5
3 Design to Mitigate UHIE 2
2. Construction Management 4 Air and Soil Pollution Control 1
5 Top Soil Preservation 1
6 Construction Management Practices 2
3. Energy Efficiency 7 Energy Optimization 12
8 Renewable Energy Utilization 5
9 Low ODP and GWP Materials 1
4. Occupant Comfort 10 Visual Comfort 4
11 Thermal and Acoustic Comfort 2
12 Maintaining Good IAQ 6
5. Water Management 13 Water Demand Reduction 3
14 Wastewater Treatment 3
15 Rainwater Management 5
16 Water Quality and Self-Sufficiency 5
6. Solid Waste Management 17 Waste Management-Post Occupancy 4
18 Organic Waste Treatment On-Site 2
7. Sustainable Building Materials 19 Utilization of Alternative Materials in Building 5
20 Reduction in GWP through Life Cycle Assessment 5
21 Alternative Materials for External Site Development 2
8. Life Cycle Costing 22 Life Cycle Cost Analysis 5
9. Socio-Economic Strategies 23 Safety and Sanitation for Construction Workers 1
24 Universal Accessibility 2
25 Dedicated Facilities for Service Staff  2
26 Positive Social Impact 3
10. Performance Metering and Monitoring 27 Commissioning for Final Rating 7
28 Smart Metering and Monitoring 0
29 Operation and Maintenance Protocol 0
Total Points 100
11. Innovation 30 Innovation 5
Grand Total Points 100 + 5
Rating Threshold
GRIHA V2019 Pre-certification Thresholds Achievable star
86 or more
GRIHA V2019 Pre-certification Fees

To be updated soon.

Project registration opens from 1st January 2021.

In accordance with the Office Memorandum by the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF), Government of India, GRIHA Council has proposed a procedure that will enable fast track environmental clearance through GRIHA pre-certification.

Mapping of EIA submittals with GRIHA submittals


Except for industrial complexes, all buildings - offices, retail malls, institutions, hotels, hospitals, health-care facilities, residences and multifamily high rise buildings - in the pre-design/ design stage are eligible for pre - certification under GRIHA.

  1. For built up area greater than 20,000 sq. mtr

    Projects applying for Environmental Clearance from MoEF are eligible to apply under this category. Please note that it is mandatory to register the project under GRIHA rating after precertification has been awarded.

  2. For built up area less than 20,000 sq. mtr

    Projects can register for GRIHA pre-certification and GRIHA rating at the same time. The registration- cum- rating fee for both the processes must be submitted upfront by the project proponent to complete the registration process.

  1. Registration:On submitting the online Expression of Interest, the project team must submit a proposed development plan for the registered project with a recent date stamped site photographs. GRIHA Council shall then review the feasibility of registering the project for GRIHA pre-certification. Once approved by GRIHA Council, the project can proceed with the payment of registration cum rating fee and precertification process.

  2. Certification fee:GRIHA pre-certification fee is calculated on the built-up area (excluding basement area for parking

    Built-up Area (sqm) Fees
    <= 1,50,000 Rs 1,00,000
    > 1,50,000 <= 4,00,000 Rs 2,00,000
    > 4,00,000 Rs 3,00,000

    Please note that the fee is non-refundable and must be paid upfront on registration of the project for GRIHA pre-certification. The fee includes only one internal and external review.

  3. For registration - .click here

  4. Online submission of documents:All compliance documents are submitted through the online portal on the GRIHA website. The documents must be uploaded under the categories mentioned in the "Document checklist V 3 " | "Document checklist V 2015"

    • Narratives

    • Declaration/certificates

    • Drawings

    • Test reports

    • Other documentation

    • GRIHA checklist

    • Presentation for GRIHA pre-certification (summary of the project)

  5. Submitted documents will be evaluated by GRIHA Council. Criteria wise summary for the project is then submitted to the committee members.
    *A pdf copy of each document needs to be submitted along with the word/dwg file .

  6. Evaluation process:GRIHA Council shall revert with the feedback on the submitted documents within two weeks of online submission. Revised documents may be submitted by the clients within two weeks of receiving comments from GRIHA Council for evaluation by the pre-certification committee. Pre-certification is awarded after approval from the committee along with a detailed compliance report. In case the project is falling short of compliance, a non-compliance report with necessary corrective actions to be taken will be provided to the project proponent/SEIAC by GRIHA Council.

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