SVAGRIHA Pre-Certification

SVAGRIHA (Simple Versatile Affordable GRIHA) was jointly developed by GRIHA Council and TERI. SVAGRIHA is a significantly simplified, faster, easier and more affordable rating system that eventually functions as a design-cum-rating tool. In order to facilitate projects to assess their performance during designing stage, and avail incentives from local authorities, wherever applicable, a precertification rating was introduced. This rating assesses the commitment of project team towards following the SVAGRIHA norms in future, and provides them with a rating between 1 star to 5 star.


SVAGRIHA Precertification is applicable only for projects which are less than 2500 sq m built-up area. Any building, except for a factory building, is accepted under the SVAGRIHA Precertification rating system.

Rating Process
  • Registration
  • Submission of drawings, declarations and other documents as required (quantity estimates) to GRIHA Council
  • Assessment/review as per SVAGRIHA
  • Feedback to project team
  • In order to get a rating, it is mandatory for each project to achieve a certain number of minimum points in each category as mentioned in the SVAGRIHA manual.
  • Award of letter and certificate
Points achieved SVAGRIHA Precertification Rating
31-35 ;
Certification fee

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SVAGRIHA Precertification Fees – Rs 30,000
Exclusive of government taxes

Criteria and their weightage
Criterion number Criterion name Points
1 Reduce exposed, hard paved surface on site and maintain native vegetation cover on site 6
2 Passive architectural design and systems 4
3 Good fenestration design for reducing direct heat gain and glare while maximising daylight penetration 6
4 Efficient artificial lighting system 2
5 Thermal efficiency of building envelope 2
6 Use of energy efficient appliances 3
7 Use of renewable energy on site 4
8 Reduction in building and landscape water demand 5
9 Rainwater harvesting 4
10 Generate resource from waste 2
11 Reduce embodied energy of building 4
12 Use of low-energy materials in interiors 4
13 Adoption of green lifestyle 4
14 Innovation 2

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