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May 1 2014

GRIHA LD Version-2.1 update

The GRIHA LD Rating system has undergone few revisions based on feedbacks received from various projects over the last year and has been updated to GRIHA LD v-2.1. The necessary changes of GRIHA LD v 2.1, have been made in the rating manual and feasibility checklists.

The key changes in the rating are highlighting below:

  • The Transport calculator has been shifted from Transport section to the Carbon Footprint section.
  • Certain sections like Smart Mini Grids etc. have been updated.
  • Documentation requirements have been consolidated and updated.
  • Appraisal clauses have been updated.
  • Non-applicability clauses have been introduced.
  • The overall score calculation method has been updated to reflect reduction in impact in both Resource Impact and Environmental Quality sections.

The online documentation panel for the rating, along the lines of GRIHA and SVAGRIHA documentation panels, is also now live.


GRIHA LD Version 2.1 - Self evaluation checklist