GRIHA Student Training Programme at SJB School of Architecture and Planning

Events GRIHA Student Training Programme at SJB School of Architecture and Planning
Feb 11, 2020
Feb 12, 2020
SJB School of Architecture & Planning, Bangalore


A student training programme was organized by GRIHA Council on 11th & 12th February, 2020 for the second-year students of SJB School of Architecture & Planning, Bangalore undergoing B.Arch. degree.

During the first half of Day 1, a presentation on green buildings was delivered to impart knowledge to the students on green buildings, the GRIHA rating process, criteria requirements, and compliance measures including good and bad practices under GRIHA version 2015. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

In the second half, the students were taught about the importance of Construction Management which was followed by a group exercise. The exercise required the students to develop a PERT Chart and a construction management plan for a project. This was followed by a discussion. The day concluded with a game called "Power Wars".

Day 2 of the training programme commenced in the second half of the day. It started with a session on Human Comfort (visual, thermal, and acoustic), in which the students were taught about the NBC 2005, CPCB guidelines and codes to be followed for achieving human comfort in buildings. A visual, thermal, and acoustic audit was also undertaken by students by GRIHA Council officials. This field exercise helped students understand the importance of designing buildings keeping in mind a comfortable environment for the occupants of the building.

This was followed by presentation to the students about importance of daylight, respective criterion in GRIHA version 2015 and basic thumb rules of calculating day lighting in buildings. This presentation went on hand in hand with multiples exercises to ensure better understanding of the concept. The students were also trained in designing shading devices for windows. As an exercise, the students were asked to design shading devices for certain windows demarcated in a building plan. The exercise concluded with discussion on the same.

63 students from the institute participated in the two-day programme. The students were enthusiastic throughout the training programme and learnt from the lectures and exercise. Certificates of participation were distributed to students at the end of the programme.