Online awareness programme on GRIHA Certifications

Events Online awareness programme on GRIHA Certifications
Oct 6, 2023
Oct 6, 2023

In commitment to the vision of our Honourable Prime minister, GRIHA Council has initiated a drive towards a zero-carbon mission Decarbonizing Habitat Program (DHP). This program would enable an organization/ company/ industry to estimate its current carbon footprint and adopt cost effective strategies that will help in reducing the footprint in the future. There are independent certifications as well - Water Positive Certification, Energy Positive Certification and Net Zero Waste Certification - which comprise parts of the DHP.

GRIHA Council is conducting awareness webinars, on these Certifications, one in each quarter in the year 2023-34, for better adaptability by stakeholders and to clear doubts on the same via direct interaction with GRIHA Council officials.

The next webinar is scheduled for 6th October 2023 (Friday). There is no participation fee for the same. To register, click here:

The training calendar with details of dates for upcoming webinars and training programmes can be accessed here:

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